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  • Ancient Forest

    The Ancient Forest is a large forest that consists of large trees that are hundreds of years old and covered in fungus while the foliage in the forest is so dense that it is impossible to see far. A river runs in zigzags throughout the forest. Numerous flying islands, some of which have waterfalls, hover over the forest. Although most of the forest is on a plain terrain, some areas are hilly or mountainous

  • Butterfy Valley

    Butterfly Valley is one of the three main passages that allow passage between the race territories and the Alne Plateau, the others being the Rainbow Valley to the east and the Dragons Valley to the south. Butterfly Valley is bordered by the Cait Sith zone to the west.The valley itself mostly consists of an expansive forest with a river flowing through it that diverges into smaller rivers. Some regions in the valley are higher than others, thus the valley has areas with cliffs and waterfalls that produce rainbows due to light diffraction. The Alne Plateau mountain range can be seen in the distance.

  • Swilvane

    The city is easily recognizable by the dazzling and gigantic «Tower of the Wind» (風の塔, Kaze no Tō?), the symbol of Swilvane, at the city's center. Behind the Tower lies the «Lord's Mansion», where the current Lord (or Lady) of the Sylphs resides. Leafa believes that the mansion is the most superior building in all of Alfheim. The city itself lives up to its name as the «Emerald Capital»: spires of varying green shades rise along a complex airy corridors which connect the streets. Bursting out of each tower is a brilliant dark green light that gives the city an impression of a fantasy kingdom.

  • Legrue Corridor

    The Legrue Corridor is a long cave tunneled through the mountain range blocking the path from Swilvane to Alne. The cave entrance is square-shaped that is cut into the face of a cliff. The entrance in width and height is three to four times larger than a fairy and is decorated with monster designs carved around the entrance. The upper part of the entrance has a huge devil's head sticking out, looking with contempt into the eyes of all intruders. Most of the corridor is a monotonous dark, rocky cave with several stalagmites dotting it. The corridor eventually leads to a large, open cave with an underground lake and the city of Legrue in the middle of it. The cave itself is filled with an innumerable amount of various colour crystals that make the cave walls look as if they were covered in a mist of various colour light.

  • Thule Island

    The Thule Island actually consists of 3 islands connected to each other via narrow stretches of land in shallow water. The three islands, together with the narrow stretches of land connecting them, form a half-ring shape and most of their area is occupied by tall trees and other plant life. The outer area of the islands are empty sandy beaches. Several rocks covered in greenery stick out of the water close to the largest island.

  • Undersea Temple

    The temple is a gigantic complex of several structures built atop a large, underwater mountain. Several of the temple's structures have a dome roof while the largest structure in the back of the complex is also decorated with columns. The area around the temple is lit by several green spheres placed at the top of several columns protruding from the mountain around the temple. The front of the temple has a bridge-like structure that leads to a circular and damaged platform, with damaged columns placed around its edge. The path the leads from the platform to the temple complex is lined up with several plain columns, some of which are damaged, and leads to a wide set of stairs. A special barrier surrounds the temple starting with the area around the stairs.The inner part of the temple is lit by yellow sphere-torches and pedestals, dying the walls in a yellowish glow. The walls are decorated in wave like patterns. The temple has traps, including a drain trap, and has various sea creatures guarding it. The temple has several floors connected by stairs and has a special room with a nest that houses the The Child's Egg.

  • Alne

    Alne is the capital city of is located at the foot of the World Tree. Alne is a neutral city that is divided into north, east, south, west and central districts and has 4 nearby dungeons, located to the north, east, south and west of the city, that connect to the realm of giants, Jötunheimr. Alne is the main raiding base for the dungeons in the Alne plateau, as well as the central market for all races.

  • The World Tree

    The «World Tree» , also known as «Yggdrasil», is the massive tree growing at the center of the land of Alfheim.

  • Yggdrasil City

    Yggdrasil City is the capital of Alfheim located at the top of the World Tree. The city has a Teleport Gate that connects it to the Starting City in the realm of humans, Midgard (Aincrad), and has an elevator that connects it to the former capital, Alne.

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