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Mikajia's Character Sheet Empty Mikajia's Character Sheet

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Mikajia's Character Sheet Tumblr_n6vp0tkt2P1rb9rueo1_250

Personality: Mikajia is a vampire noble, and a pretty young one at that, only being twenty four years old. However, for what he lacks in age, he makes up for in experience, talent, and a certain cutthroat persona. His history is dark to say the least, and because of certain events, developed within him a burning hatred towards all of humanity. He is highly intelligent, and equally ambitious. His first and closest goal is to reach the title of Progenitor. Once that's done, the real fun will begin. Mikajia spends most of his days sparring and running errands for the higher ranked nobles, playing the role of the obedient newbie. It's necessary at the moment, to help him bide his time and successfully reach his goals.

He is a sarcastic individual as well, almost constantly seen with a smirk, as if laughing at some internal joke. He loves to rile people up and watch their reactions. He likes to constantly be in motion, preferably exercising and training his skills whenever possible. He is very much so the hands-on type, living by the code: If you want it done right, do it yourself.

Friends: Right now, he only has one "Friend", so to speak, and that is a fellow vampire noble by the name of Saleth. They get along fairly well, and attend missions and errands together. However, Mikajia will willingly admit that he doesn't really have any true friends, because he doesn't honestly trust anyone. It's not to say he's not capable of it, but more along the lines of, he is slow to trust. So much so, you could even describe it as glacial. Mikajia is certainly capable of having friends, it just takes time...lots and lots of time. But when that day eventually does come when he can honestly call someone his friend, he will be loyal to them to the very end, and protect them as best he can.

Foes: Pretty much any and all humans on the face of the planet. He hates them all, plain and simple. This title will also be given to anyone that would attempt to thwart his future goals. And when Mikajia has an enemy, and ever encounters them, he will most certainly be aiming to kill.

Rivals: This is a fun and easy position to fill. All that the person would need to do is challenge him to a sparring match, and give him a run for his money. He'll see you as his rival till the day he dies, (if ever).

Relationships: An interesting prospect to say the least. But quite frankly, I don't really see him pursuing something like this for quite some time. If the day ever comes when it looks like he might be interested in something like that, I'll expand on this some more. But for now, I'll simply leave it with, he's gay.

Tier 1-
Tier 2-
Tier 3-
Shi no Tenshi Techniques:

  • Lucent Manifestation: Solar Flare

  • Lucent Manifestation: Solar Burst

  • Lucent Manifestation: Solar Wave 

  • Lucent Manifestation: Ricochet 

  • Lucent Manifestation: Solar Burn

  • Lucent Manifestation: Shining Reaper Blade

Fukushu no Tenshi Techniques:

  • Boreal Flames: Frostbite

  • Boreal Flames: Frozen Skin

  • Boreal Flames: Frozen Landscape

  • Boreal Flames: Cold Snap

  • Boreal Flames: Climate Control

  • Boreal Flames: Frozen Dual Blade

Tier 4-
Tier 5-
Tier 6-
Tier 7-

[color=#0033ff]Ongoing Threads[/color]:

[color=#0033ff]Ended Threads[/color]:

[color=#0033ff]Current Stats[/color]:

Physical Stats-

  • Speed: 47

  • Stamina: 47

  • Strength: 47

  • Reaction: 47

  • Perception: 47

  • Accuracy: 47

  • Endurance: 47

Weapon Stats-
Shi no Tenshi (Normal Boost)-
Speed: 10
Stamina: 10
Reaction: 10
Perception: 10

Fukushu no Tenshi (Normal Boost)-
Strength: 15
Endurance: 13
Accuracy: 14

Duration of Boosts: 25 (5 posts)


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