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Code of Role Play Empty Code of Role Play

Post by «Cardinal System» on Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:35 am

God Modding

"God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries and when someone takes control of a character outside of their control.

When in combat, naturally people will get injured whether they want to or not. Your character is not an invincible super human, so be fair and don't Goku your way out of every attack. Remember even in the Ft-verse, characters get fatigued and have moments of vulnerability.

If one wishes to take control of another players character, they may only do so with their consent/permission. If any hint of a player controlling another character is found, action will be taken. Yamanaka Mind Control will be monitored heavily if released for use and the same goes for Chakra Threads. They will not be allowed to be connected to another Player to make them commit questionable acts or fully control their character, unless they are in an unconscious state, where they have no control over themselves .

There will be no Auto-Hitting or claiming your attacks hit, without giving the other player a chance to avoid. Not saying you can't have a seemingly unavoidable trap, but you may not say you already struck someone in your post. You may only claim a hit or skip someones post after 24 hours. If you are in the chat box talking it up and you have a post to do and 24 hours roll by, don't expect any leeway.

There will be no Meta-Gaming. Meta-Gaming is using Out of Character knowledge or OOC knowledge in a thread to make decisions or RP to avoid possible threats or whatever it may be. Lets say your enemy made a clone, of course they have to mention where their real self went to avoid just slipping out of an attack and saying the one struck was a clone. But you are expected to have integrity and not "magically" know where the real one is. Not saying you can't provide logic that isn't complete bull crap to explain how you found them, but be fair.


Take pride in your work as an RPer. If you don't want to, that's fine, but at least give the others you are RPing with something to work with. That being said, we require a minimum of 100 words per post here. For starters it may seem a bit difficult, but for help try to mention all five senses in your post. That alone will boost your word count to probably beyond the requirement. When in topics, follow a posting order. Unless the people you are in a thread with decide on disregarding the posting order, which is not recommended due to obvious disorganization, but if agreed upon, feel free to go ape shit.


No manipulation of any kind. This is not a site where we tolerate people being vague manipulated into killing themselves. Sure if someone doesn't mention their distance you can you can ask them kindly or make a reasonable distance. but if choosing the second method, do not, I repeat do not, make it something ridiculous or to your compete advantage. Take into consideration their actions and words prior and make a logical guess on their positioning or any details they left out. If someone feels vague manipulation was used against them in a severely unfair way, staff will step in and make a fair decision of the details not mentioned.

Have Fun

As wack as it sounds, people often forget the purpose of RPing. It's a chance to escape the outside world, so do that. Don't always focus on the combat side of the series, though it does have a lot of combat especially lately. But think of the social aspect to and the relationships. As much freedom that we allow with combat, it is fun to test out new things, but don't forget to take some time to develop your character or make some friends In Character. Whether it be a meeting in a basement to smoke weed or frolicking in a meadow of flowers like a cheesy flick, just do you and have fun.

Short and sweet.

  • You may be in one training topic.
  • You may be in one mission topic.
  • You may be in one spar topic.(similar to training, but training can be done solo.)
  • You may be in an infinite amount of social threads.

So all in all, you can be in 1 training, 1 spar, 1 mission, and however many social topics you want at a time.

These are privileges given most sites allow three threads max. Mind liquid time and don't bring information you gained from one thread over to the other one half way through. All of your threads must be in the same planet. You cannot have a thread in planet earth and in planet hera at the same time.


Just like the above rules, these are simple. Feel free to tag your threads though it isn't required. Common tags are; No Kill[NK], Private[P], or Open[O]. Some people use different tags and if you don't know what it means ask the author of the thread.
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