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Post by Guest on Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:43 pm

Name: Malyen 
Nickname: Wind of Time; Mal
Age: 260
Birth Date: June 21st
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Special Characteristics: 

Personality: Mal has some feral tendencies, most often noticeable in battle. She's kind and loyal to extraordinarily few, and enjoys keeping her ties to anything at a minimum. She holds no sympathy for those who cross her and has sadistic tendencies. Malyen has no qualms about harming others, and enjoys getting her way. She's very intelligent, but often covers it up with dark humor. She doesn't care about a whole lot and won't suck up to anyone just so that they'll treat her nicely. She somehow has a long line of patience for people, but will pretend to be angry at times. She just enjoys seeing the reactions people will give to her antics. Mal will take up for those who gain her sympathies, or those she considers her friends. She can be really scary when she wants to, but often won't. She's very straightforward about things, leaving little for one to ponder on. She has no issue telling someone their flaws, and will always give her honest opinion. She thinks a lot more than people let on with her, and enjoys gathering any information. She doesn't mind sharing it, for a price of course. She enjoys the system of equivalent exchange. She enjoys reading books as well. 
(207 Words)

Company - Being around others reminds her of where she is and how far she has come. It makes her a little happier. 

Blood - The color is just so fascinating, the taste is different depending on the person it's from. She won't ever let the desire to drink control her, but her liking of it isn't any different than any other vampire. 

Music - The sound soothes her, the idea that something so beautiful can be played by anyone is one she enjoys. 


Light - She's not afraid. It just does something weird to her eyes for a few seconds to adjust. She dislikes the sun too, but understands she can't do anything about it. 

Boredom - Nothing is worse than doing absolutely nothing. She would rather have something, really anything to do. Down time isn't bad, but too much of it can hurt the soul. 

Mind Games - She understands them, can't play them as well as others though. She would prefer people be more straightforward than play by mind games. Unless of course, someone were to do it with a purpose that helped her...Not that she'd ever admit it though. 

Powerlessness - Malyen doesn't want to be in any situation where she can do nothing but sit back. She will do anything to be able to do SOMETHING. 

Solitude - Even 200 years later, she can remember being alone, with no one in that cell. Even in Soceity, she has few friends. She doesn't want to return to that place, or anything like it. 
Revenge - Her village may be gone, but she still has plenty of hate from those days. She will take out any humans who stand in her path, any humans she see's mistreat others.

Guardian - Mal wants to protect those who have been abused, or can't protect themselves. Whether they be Human or not, which is why she doesn't mind the Livestock. She feels a little bit of sympathy. Not much, but it's there. She also wishes to protect her friends.  

Malyen  ?ui=2&ik=7ce43f32a6&view=att&th=153d0166007f973e&attid=0
Height: 5'3
Weight: 113 lbs

Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Strength: 2
Reaction: 5
Perception: 5
Accuracy: 4
Endurance: 4

History: Mal was born in a city of prosperity and hope. Everyone here was happy and cheerful, the crops were often bountiful and no one starved. The people were very superstitious though, they felt as if this luck would run out, so one person got the bright idea to even out the Good luck with bad. By locking one child in a cellar since birth, giving them nothing positive. No talking, no giving it any positive reinforcement. The child would forever be malnourished, and only get rags to wear. Everyone was required to know, it would be explained to children once they were old enough to understand. Some would simply walk out of the village, having their morals preventing them from staying. But none would help the child, until one day a group of Vampires came to town. A group of particularly vicious ones who murdered all the adults in sight, Mal's cell was visited and given the offer of revenge, she took it. She thought nothing of slaughtering those who had sacrificed her in exchange for the freedom she so desperately sought. Malyen was given her name through the onslaught, having received her name from someone else. Taking it for her own. The progenitor introduced themselves as Alya, and Mal wouldn't see the progenitor ever again after her introducement to Vampire Society. She had trouble fitting in, having never interacted with anyone. She learned many things through different people and sought knowledge, as well as revenge. She kept an ear out for secrets, Malyen never had an issue being a Common Vampire, she always found it to suit her, as many people wouldn't watch what they say around someone who supposedly wouldn't understand, or didn't care. Malyen has remained in the Society with few allegiances, and has little wish to make any. 
(302 Word count)  

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