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Tatari and Prime

The Phenomena - Tier 1 Night.of.Wallachia.600.1292222
The Phenomena and I

"There is always an audience for tonight's act" ~Prime

Whether one were to think of it, Tatari in itself is the mass that serves one function, to collect malignant information. As the Tatari, he was a great oddity amongst vampires and is highly mistaken as a demon. In fact despite having no physical body of its own, Tatari can materialize and guise himself accordingly to the rumors whose sole function is to eliminate all those who knew of the rumor and the one who started it, whether human, demon or even vampire. Tatari was only classified as a vampire due to this principle as draining blood from other beings is a must for a vampire. 

Tatari is a vampire of its own right and at the same time it isn’t for that even if the Prime were to be lost and killed, Tatari will continue on as a global curse and will continue to exist as long as there are intellectual beings discussing about rumors, lies, stories, fairytales, etc, its become a mission for the Tatari to materialize those rumors into a personified being that represents it.

The "Prime" is known to be the conductor, he who controls it, the brain. Though there is nothing left of the existence of Prime, the essence of Prime still resides in the Tatari, not as information or a manifestation of the Tatari but acts as its nervous system. 

Prime as a Vampire under the Crimson Moon is known to be as equally as powerful despite the fact he isn't a vampire of noble blood, he isn't just adept at calculations but more or less relies on speed, accuracy and the sheer strength he accumulated from drinking blood over the years. In battle, the Prime does not command Tatari completely, rather it uses its power for various sorts of attacks. 

TIER I - The First ACT
The Phenomena - Tier 1 Latest?cb=20121120205752
Malignant Information
"In this world, for as long as we intellectual beings exists, as long as social beings exists, there are always stories to tell, words are powerful if one believes in its validity."

Prime and Tatari's natural ability is to collect Malignant information, may it be rumors, lies, superstitions, beliefs or taboo, any sort of social topic that trends throughout different kinds of society. Black mist (Materialized Malignant Information) is absorbed into the entity in order to gain knowledge from whatever information it gathers, upon completion it would begin manifesting or realizing the concepts of that information gathered. Its the basis and primary ritual of Tatari itself. In case that Prime casts this spell, it would allow him to summon and permanently command the Tatari to his control as well as its abilities.
2 post Cooldown
1 post Duration
It is necessary for the Tatari to constantly use this ability as it has no set body to transform into.

Can be used only once and effects would be permanent until Prime dissipates.  This is because he summons Malignant Information to fully control the Tatari and uses its powers at his disposal - Call it an activation process.

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The Listener
Non -Elemental
"There can never be a flaw for optimism"
There is a case that Tatari couldn't gather Malignant Information through natural means may it because of a dull social atmosphere that lacked creativity or by means of an ability that prevents it from doing so, hence it prevents the Tatari from making its manifestations, and instead Tatari will use a person to act as an antennae for its abilities. Unlike most mental interferences such as hypnosis, possession, synchronization, it does not manipulate a person against their will or rather it doesn't completely manipulates the target through force. Tatari as an abstract entity can reside into a target who shares the same wavelength as it does. Those possessed exhibit no outward change, but everything proceeds along according to their thoughts. Instead of the Tatari being able to orchestrate the events, the person its residing in becomes the conductor. Some rumors aren't malignant enough to be gathered and its in the best interest that these must be seek out and gathered no matter how small it is. The host in turn, will gain abilities based on their thoughts about themselves. If one believes that they are a master of Baji Quan then the person possessed will automatically gain a level of such martial art (One which would rival Li Shuwen, the master himself). 

They act as if possessed by TATARI in a sense, but it is more like benefiting from it instead. 

Ultimately the host gains an extra 5 bonus stat points, these can be distributed accordingly and can gain only one unique ability depending one what they believe in may they be player or host. If the target is a NPC or a playable character set to die (Or discarded by their Rper) they will dissolve into information and become part of the Tatari a few days before the next full moon if they are not defeated. (Which goes to saying the condition of having the same wavelength).

This Ability can only be used once by the Tatari itself and upon defeat, the Tatari will disappear, leaving its host.



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