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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:15 pm

Mikajia walked silently down the road, eyes staring at a photo in his hands, and Saleth walking beside him. The photo in question had been given to him by Raylen, visualizing their target location. His mind relived the conversation with the noble before his departure on this mission.

"Enter." The voice behind the door said after Mikajia knocked; opening it to reveal a massive and elaborate office, the main office of Lord Raylen, and the place he spent most of his time nowadays. Constantly shifting through paperwork; requests for vampire protection, guerrilla warfare tactics by the JIDA, uprisings within the livestock. Pretty much any events of particular note within Japan, were sent to Raylen for review. Raylen would then review the situation, make a judgment, and then send said topics and suggestions to Layla, who would deem the suggested actions appropriate or not, and make her decision. If she agreed with Raylen's decision, then she would act upon them, if not, he would have to revise his suggestion. Most of the time though, Layla had no problem with Raylen's decisions or suggestions.

Raylen also had plenty of authority himself, and could execute plans of his own. Those though, were much smaller tasks, usually along the lines of dealing with a couple renegade vampires, small forces of rebellious livestock, or the like. Occasionally, if Layla was too busy to be bothered, Raylen would take it upon himself to deal with a much more pressing matter. To which he would usually have to personally answer for, listing his reasons in great detail to Layla as to why he would act without her permission concerning vital matters. More often than not though, Raylen would receive little more than an arm getting ripped off, which could easily be reattached.

"You called sir?" Mikajia said, bowing respectfully after entering the room and shutting the door behind him.

"Yes." Raylen said, shuffling some paperwork around before stacking it neatly off to the side, then clasping his hands on the desk in front of him, and sticking Mikajia with an appraising look. Mikajia simply stood his ground, maintaining eye contact, and waiting for the Noble's undeniable request. He hoped at least this time around it would provide some excitement. The last request he'd been sent on, had left him bored to the point of contemplating setting a bomb off in Sanguinem just to liven things up.

"Tell me Mikajia, have you ever encountered a demon before?" Raylen asked him, causing a twitch of one of Mikajia's eyebrows in interest.

"Ah. I see I've caught your interest." The vampire said with a small smile, "I know how you seek thrill and excitement. And, despite my best efforts, I can't always provide said thrills for you, though I do try. And, unfortunately you aren't a high enough rank yet, to be put in a position of authority, or just a position in general in our enforcement unit. So, my little errands have to suffice for now. However, don't think that I haven't noticed exactly how far you've come in recent times. You've grown quite a bit in your skill haven't you?" He asked, giving that small smile again when Mikajia stayed quiet.

He also knew exactly how far he'd come, better than most others would be able to ascertain. Mikajia had no problems displaying his strength and skill, however, he kept his true potential well hidden from all but a very select few. Plus, he wasn't one to honestly gloat, especially to a superior that he wasn't on personal terms with. He and Raylen got along well enough, but as far as Mikajia was concerned he was just a stepping stone to his goals. And he knew perfectly well that Raylen only used him to attend to tasks that he knew very few others would be willing or capable of attending to.

"Yes. You've grown." He finally said, answering the question for himself, then said, "I believe you'll find your skills are useful for this particular task I've got for you. And it should provide plenty of excitement and danger. Right up your alley right?"

"You would be correct sir." Mikajia answered, his lips twitching a little at the promise of a good fight.

"Good. However, I think you'll find that even at your current level, you'll still need assistance for this problem." His words made Mikajia's brows twitch a little in interest. "You already know well enough what happens to our kind, when we don't feed for a long enough period of time. We become demons, powerful and mindless killing machines. However, do you know what happens after that? Once we have gone long enough as a demon? That mindlessness goes away. And what you have is a fully cognizant, and exceedingly powerful killing machine, with abilities to put even our kind to shame. It's a mystery, really."

They both were quiet for a short time, Raylen judging Mikajia's reactions to what he was implying. "So here's the task." Raylen said, breaking the quiet, "In Harajuku, we have received a growing complaint of vampires becoming ravenous and attacking the livestock at random. We sent a few elite commoners to try and deal with the problem at first. Then sent in some nobles when the commoners were easily killed. Now, it's been two full days, and no word at all from the nobles. It is safe to assume at this point that they have also been killed. Your mission has two parts," Raylen said, holding up two fingers for emphasis, "The first, discover exactly what the hell is going on. The second, take care of the problem."

Simple, and to the point. Mikajia thought with a grin. It was one of the things he liked about Raylen, despite the fact he was simply using the vampire. "And I'm assuming the third and unspoken part is, don't die, right?" Mikajia said with a grin, to which Raylen grinned himself and said, "You would be right. You depart immediately." He said to Mikajia, handing him a large 9x9 photo of one of the entrances to an underground subway system in Harajuku. "That was the last known location of the nobles before we lost contact with them. I would suggest starting there."

Mikajia took the photo from Raylen, studying it over then said, "Understood." He turned to leave, stopping long enough to say, "Tell Layla I said to be kind." And then grinned at the smirk and chuckle that left Raylen before he said, "I'll be lucky if she only removes my arms this time. Take care kid." Raylen said, his eyes already returning to his other paperwork.

"I believe," Mikajia said looking up from the photo then scanning the area ahead, "The location we're looking for is just up ahead." He said, and then handed the photo to Saleth to scan over.

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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:01 pm

Saleth cautiously looked around their surroundings as he walked down the empty street of Harajuku along with Mikajia. The reason why he was in Harajuku at the moment was simple. Mikajia tracked him down in Sanguinem saying they had a new task to complete and practically dragged the short noble out of the city. The taller noble filled him in on the tasks they were to complete and he wasn't happy at what he was told. They were supposed to eliminate intelligent demons. He was almost turned into a demon in the past and knew that the process was incredibly painful so he could somewhat sympathize with the unfortunate vampires who were turned into demons. Though he wouldn't hesitate to destroy them since they were dangerous threats that needed to be eliminated.

He turned his gaze to his partner when he was handed the photo. He quickly scanned the photo and looked ahead before looking back down at the picture. "I believe you are correct," The short noble narrowed his eyes at the photo. "This will be a hard challenge, should we make a wager?"

Red eyes curiously looked over at the taller noble to hear his answer. He was fairly certain that Mikajia would take him up on a wager to make the battle all the more exciting. After all, if you like the prize you'll be even more determined to win. He didn't exactly have a wager in mind but he knew it couldn't be who kills the most. They did that last time they were sent on a mission like this so they should try something new.


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