The Nine Races

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The Nine Races

Post by Takato on Fri May 06, 2016 12:12 pm

Types of Races
This game features nine different player races, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Players are given the option to choose from these nine races when creating their avatars at the beginning of the game.

Cait Sith
Living toward the west of the World Tree, Cait Siths are skilled beast tamers with the best eyesight[3] and high speed (10% faster than other races expect Sylph.[4] They are recognizable through their cat ears and tails.
(ノーム, Nōmu?)
Inhabitants of the Frost Areas of the North, the brown-styled Gnomes are the largest of the fairy races and specialize in Earth Magic.
(インプ, Inpu?)
Living in the Alphine Areas of the Southeast, the purple-styled Imps are the masters of night and are blessed with great night vision.
Living at the Frost Areas of the North, Leprechauns are the blacksmith race and are blessed with mechanical wings.
(プーカ, Pūka?)
The Pookas from the Northwest specialize in using music in combat to confuse and attack opponents and support allies.
Inhabitants of the Desert Area of the South, the red-styled Salamanders are considered the strongest race in terms of attack power (15% greater than other races) and are masters of Fire Magic.
From the Ancient Runes Area of the Northeast, the black-styled Spriggans are masters of Illusion Magic and excel in treasure seeking.
(シルフ, Shirufu?)
From the Grassland Area of the Southwest, the green-styled Sylphs are considered to be the fastest race(15% faster than all races and 5% faster than Caith Sith) and are masters of Wind Magic.
From the Wetland Area of the East, the blue-styled Undines are masters of Healing and Water Magic.

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