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Post by «Cardinal System» on Fri May 06, 2016 12:45 pm

Hit Points (ヒットポイント, Hitto Pointo?, abbreviated as "HP"), also known as "Health Points", are a standard way of gauging the amount of damage a player can withstand in most games. Once this parameter reaches zero, the character is either rendered incapacitated or dead, depending on the rules of the game. points in the game can be restored by using Healing Potions or Healing Crystals. HP in the game is displayed both in numbers (current HP/maximum HP) and a visual coloured bar, that changes from green to yellow (50% or below maximum HP) to red (30% or below maximum HPcitation needed]) as the player's HP decreases. A player's hit points can be restored in other ways, such as healing spells, with lower ones being common to all races and high level spells being allowed only to the Undine race.

Maxuim starting health is set at 100% ,or 100 hit points.

Damage depends on the level of the skill and/or damage of a weapon used. Weapon damage vary depending on the weapon and can be increased by a black smith, however weapons require the skill level to be used.

Base weapon damage
1% per level.

Base Combat skill damage 1% per level.

Weapon plus sword skill equals total damage unless you just used a weapon.

Example of calculating damage: Bob used a level 1 sword skill with a level one handed weapon dealing a total of 2% of damage to Bill hit points(health).

Note this same equation fallows for combo skills as well but you will also add in the number of strikes.

Base Spell damage 2% per level.

Plus an additional 4% per Magic Level.

Example: Joe uses a level one spell of a lighting magic, and his lighting magic is level one. Dealing a total of 6% damage.

Base healing by 2% per healing spell level

Critical hits are attacks that do beyond normal attacks. In some case critical hits can be fatal. When damage is done removing a limb or could be fatal in real life circumstances it is consider a critical hit and dose 5% per level of hit point damage. That begin said it is possible to K.O someone just based of the realistic circumstance. An example being Bod uses his sword to cut off Bills head. Instead of the extra damage Bill would just be dead.
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