Forging and Leprechauns

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Forging and Leprechauns Empty Forging and Leprechauns

Post by «Cardinal System» on Fri May 06, 2016 1:09 pm

Leprechauns being the black smith race are the ones capable of enhancing weapons in the game. Depending on the level of the Leprechauns black smith would regulate how much they can increase a weapon.

For each level the Leprechaun has in black smith he/she will have a certain amount of points to place in smithing. For Evey one level the Leprecaun will have two points to spend. Abilities for weapons/amour cost ten points total. The other locations are durability (restore or add) which cost 1 point for a single point or damage(weapon)/ resistance(amour) which cost one point for a single point. forging other players items increases the black smith skill by one level per topic. As well as the perk of charging for gold.

Crafting new items will fallow under the same system as well. However items gain by quest can cut the point cost depending on the ability of the item. Items used can also increase the boost of items. Crafting increases a Leprechauns black smith skill by 2 level per topic used.
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