Cait Sith and Taming

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Cait Sith and Taming Empty Cait Sith and Taming

Post by «Cardinal System» on Fri May 06, 2016 1:20 pm

On rare occasions, a hostile monster would show an interest in players. In this case, the player would be able to tame the monster by offering it something to eat. If it enjoyed the food it was given, it would then become the player's Tamed Monster, an ally that could assist the player in the future. Although Tamed Monsters have low stats, they do have special abilities, such as detecting monsters or healing its master, thus making hunting easier for the Beast Tamer. A Beast Tamer must feed their pet on a regular basis, as Tamed Monsters generally do not show an interest even in food they like unless they are being fed by their masters. If a Tamed Monster is not fed enough, its hidden affinity value will fall and, after some time, the monster will lose its "tamed" status and, in a worst case scenario, might even attack their ex-masters.

Depending on the level of the Cait sith taming skills regulate what type and level monsters they can tame. So far Cait Sith can only tame monsters of their skill level starting with a 1% tame rate growth per encounter of a monster. By using the skill a Caith Sith taming skill will increase by 1 level per topic. Feeding monster increases the tame rate by 5%. Once a monster is tame the tame rate decrease each topic unless the monster is feed. When the tame rate drops to 10% the tamer will lose tame status and will be attacked.
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