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Post by «Cardinal System» on Fri May 06, 2016 1:47 pm

Yrd is the form of currency in the world of Sword Art Online.

methods of Acquiring

The valued currency of Sword Art Online is gathered swiftly from boss battles, as they yield a large amount of valuable loot, but the loot is usually shared among all participants of the boss battle. Other methods of acquiring Yrd include killing monsters in dungeons or open fields, selling fruit that drop from trees (not a very efficient method, but it is favored by those who refuse to battle monsters), trading, Monster PK, and for orange guilds and players, ambushing other players and stealing their items and money in exchange for their lives.

Appearance and Denominations

Yrdcan take the form of physical coins, known denominations include a silver coin worth 100 Yrd, a gold coin worth 500 Yrd, and a gold coin worth 100,000 Yrd It is currently unknown how many types of coins exist in the game.


Because the value of 1 Yrd is based on the drop rate maintained by the Cardinal System which is kept constant at all times, neither inflation nor depreciation ever happens.When players sell items to NPCs, the Yrd is listed under the market price, so as to not produce inflation.
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