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Equipment System Empty Equipment System

Post by «Cardinal System» on Sat May 07, 2016 9:42 am

A big part of this game is equipment. There are many different items, weapons and many kind of things. Equipment can be bought from the shop ,traded by players, created, and even won through quest.

Every equipment has a durability limit, the durability is the life span of the item. When it drops to zero the item is destroyed. Durability can be restore or increased by a black smith. Each time an item is struck it's durability depletes by a certain amount. In must cases by the amount of damage received.

Amour Rating and Durability

Amour is rated by it's level. Meaning if you have an level 10 amour the rating is 10%. When an amour is struck by a weapon it absorbs damage up to the rating. Example being If a level 10 sword dealing hits a level 10 amour then the damage is reduced by 10%, completely negating the sword damage. But please keep in mind weapon skills and sword skills will still be added in the damage. The durability of amour is 2% per level. Meaning a level one amour has a 2% durability once the durability hits zero amour will no longer have any rating. You can repair amour reduced to zero.

Weapon durability like amour is 2% of it's level. Durability depletes when the weapon if used to block, or is stuck by another weapon. Meaning if a level ten sword strikes a level sword more than likely it will shatter the weapon in a single blow. Weapons can be restored by a black smith after it's been reduced to 0.

Capacity is limited, and must equipment is found in the inventory which can be accessed through character updates. The limit size of your Capacity is up to five items at any time, unless you have a special skill or item. Quest items never count angst your capacity limit.

Looting a Boss will give you equipment set by a moderator. You can also request a loot grab on a custom quest you have made. Players can loot players as well by killing them and taking only the items they are currently equipped with. Every weapon/ armor starts with 10 durability per level. Items start with 2 durability per level.
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