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Hp/Mp Guidelines Empty Hp/Mp Guidelines

Post by «Cardinal System» on Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:31 pm

Guideline Base HP by Rank:
D-rank: 200 Hp
C-rank: 300 Hp
B-rank: 400 Hp
A-rank: 500 Hp
S-rank: 600 Hp

Guideline Base HP effect done by a spell:
D-rank: 25 damage
C-rank: 50 damage
B-rank: 75 damage
A-rank: 100 damage
S-rank: 125 damage

Guideline Base HP effect done by a melee damage:
D-rank: 10 damage
C-rank: 20 damage
B-rank: 30 damage
A-rank: 40 damage
S-rank: 50 damage

Guideline Base HP effect done by a melee (Weapon) damage:
D-rank: 20 damage
C-rank: 40 damage
B-rank: 60 damage
A-rank: 80 damage
S-rank: 100 damage

Guideline Base Mp by Rank:
D-rank: 100 Mp
C-rank: 200 Hp
B-rank: 300 Hp
A-rank: 400 Hp
S-rank: 500 Hp

Guideline Base Mp Spell Cost:
D-rank: 20 Mp
C-rank: 40 Mp
B-rank: 60 Mp
A-rank: 80 Mp
S-rank: 100 Mp

[size=12]Guideline Base Substain Cost:[/size]
D-rank: 10 Mp
C-rank: 20 Mp
B-rank: 30 Mp
A-rank: 40 Mp
S-rank: 50 Mp
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