Sparing and Killing

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Sparing and Killing Empty Sparing and Killing

Post by «Cardinal System» on Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:29 pm

Points for Killing People:
If you kill another fighter you will be rewarded with a set amount of exp points to spend however you wish. These exp points rewarded will be based off of the rank of the person you killed.

Kill a D Class Mage:1,000 Exp
Kill a C Class Mage:2,500 Exp
Kill a B Class Mage:5,000 Exp
Kill a A Class Mage:10,000 Exp
Kill a S Class Mage:20,000 Epx

If you kill this person within five posts of the initial fighting starting than you will be given a bonus of 500 exp Points.

Points for Sparring:
If you spar another shinobi then you will receive a certain amount of points determined by the rank of the person if you defeat them. If you fail to defeat them and are the loser then you will receive only 250 exp.

Defeat a D Class Mage: 500 Exp
Defeat a C Class Mage: 1,000 Exp
Defeat a B Class Mage: 2,000 Exp
Defeat a A Class Mage: 4,000 Exp
Defeat a S Class Mage: 8,000 Exp
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