Era of Darkness

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Era of Darkness

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:59 pm

Overall Plot

Fairy Tail Rpg is set 400 years after the events of the dragon civil war. The role play takes place in Fiore, a province of Earth Land , caught in civil war between four Guilds. Red Lizard, are made up of Fiore's native human race. Their goal is an independent world free from Magic Council interference. The Fairy Tail, opposes Red Lizard, hoping to end these wars between guilds. Sabertooth, fighting to overthrow the Kingdom of Fiore and esthblish a democary. Lastly, Raven Tail who wishes to open the eclipse gate to change the fabric of time.

The Guilds take on jobs that no one else can handle. The Legal Guilds whom once protected Fiore is now the lands greatest threat. In the eyes of the Magic Council they are just as the Dark Guilds, now using magic to kill one another,  creating a new Era of darkness. Guild wars break out more than every, fighting over territory and job request, our Guilds now have been viewed as gangs. Members are hoodlums, thugs, and murders, causing the magic counical to enforce the justice.

Over tens years ago the Magic council launched the Etherion of a large number of dark guilds, wiping them from the face of the earth. Many guilds started to fear the Magic council and their power. Some even tried to oppose them, only seeing the etherion destory them. Corruption soon feild the seats of the council, as the Magic Council began to tax the guilds. This hurt the ecomony of guilds, and caused some to rebel. Many Guilds blame the Magic Council for the new dark era.

To make matters worses a faction of dragons opposing humans had appered from the skies. These monsters attacking towns, as well as devouring humans, and other beings as food. These Dragons only wish to bring terror and regain their status as the kings of the world. Though in dark times there is light, another faction of dragons ally them fight to protect the humans. Rumors of a second dragon civil war spread as wild fire.

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