Limited/Banned Magic

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Limited/Banned Magic

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:41 pm


1. One limited per person.
2.If you learn a limited Magic it counts as a limited Slot
3. You have three days to make a character upon claiming
4.You must remain active or you will lose your limited.

Slayer Magic

Dragon Slayer Magic

Lighting Dragon Slayer [First Genration]: Taken
Iron Dragon Slayer [First Genration]: Taken
Dragon Slayer [First Genration]: Open
Dragon Slayer [First Genration]:Open

God Slayers
Holy Light God Slayer:Taken
God Slayer:Open

Devil Slayer
Devil Slayer: Open
Devil Slayer: Open

Clestial Magic

Zodic Keys
Gate of the Water Bearer Key
Gate of the Golden Bull Key
Gate of the Giant Crab Key
Gate of the Lion Key
Gate of the Twins Key
Gate of the Ram Key
Gate of the Scorpion Key
Gate of the Goat Key
Gate of the Paired Fish Key
Gate of the Heavenly Scales Key

Caster Magic

Heavenly Body Magic
Copy Magic
Mimic Magic
Reflector Magic
Giant Magic (Fallows under takeover's system)
Gravity Magic
Gravity Change
Wave Magic

Lost Magic

Great Tree Arc
Maguilty Sense
Memory Make

Banned Magic

Absorption Magic 
Amaterasu Magic Seals
Arc of Embodiment
Arc of Time
Black Arts
Body Restriction Magic
Card Dimension
Controlling Magic
Curse Magic
Crash Magic
Dark Ecriture
Death Magic
Demon’s Eye
Disassembly Magic
Fairy Glitter
Fairy Law
Fairy Sheild
Figure Eyes
Grimoire Law
Human Suboordination Magic
Illusion Magic
Immortality Magic
Living Magic
Possession Magic
Rapture Magic
Regeneration Magic
Sound Magic
Space Magic
Stone Eyes
Time Magic
Ushi no Koku Mairi

Limited Magic Claim


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