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Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:51 am

Cursed Gear contains demons, which give weapons the power to kill vampires with out be heading them. By activating the curse power a human can use the gear to slow down the healing of a vampire. Cursed Gear can kill vampires if used to strike in the right area. Though you have to make sure the curse is active to kill a vampire.

Enchanted Gear

Mass-produced cursed gear, which is the weaker form of Cursed Gear. Usually a Tier 1 or Tier 2 class weapon, very few can reach tier 3. These can used to kill much weaker Vampires. The Gear ability can not reach as high of tiers as a cursed gear. Altough an enchantment can help aid in battle. This type of gear also have abilites simmilar to a manfestaion type cursed gear with most ability revovling around basic elements. An Enchanted gear must be head a vampire to kill one.


Manifestation is the state in which the user lets his or her contracted demon come out and be able to use its special power. This drastically reduces the defensive abilities of the host since the demon moves elsewhere. These types of demons work best at different ranges, and the type of ability varies.This type of Cursed Gear has the convenient ability to remain in a smaller, more portable size or manifest into the full-sized weapon at will. These weapons may have the power to cast blessings or curses.

If the demon's malice is too strong, it is ferocious and refuses to submit so easily. These demons are mean and aggressive. This is the type hell-bent on possessing its user, and it is common for them to engage in close combat to display their might.Possession-type demons are not supposed to have the special abilities seen with manifestation-type demons.They are more well-balanced for offense and defense than manifestation-types because activating the demons particular capabilities does not leave the host vulnerable. The demons increase the physical strength and power of their user. They are typically limited to close-range combat for melee fighting.

Possession Mode
Strength: (how much strength your demon gives you)
Speed:   (how much speed your demon gives you)
Reaction: ( how much reaction your demon gives you)
Endurance: ( how much endurance your demon gives you)
Demon Control: (how much control you have over your Demon)

You can add 5 point(s) towards your possession for every 100 words training.

For every 5 points in Demon control means you can use the possession form for 1 post.( Trying to prolong the use will cause you to become a demon causing you to go wild.) Emotion such as anger or anything that feeds into your demon will allow them to take over.
Gear Tier

Curse Gear Ability Tier.

Everyone starts at the first tier until they move up by gaining the required experience points. Experience points can only be gained through events and arcs. Ability can be made once you obtain your curse gear. Depending on the type of curse gear you have effects the number of abilities you may have.

Enchanted Weapons start with zero techniques but can have a limit of 5 slots for Tier 1. Manifestation may start with 3 techniques and have a limit of 5 for tier one. Possession starts with zero techniques and have a limit of 2 being at Tier 1. By raising a Tier you can gain 2 more Technique slots. Additional Slots can be earned through events.

Tier 1: They are one of the least powerful in terms of destruction, being able to only cause minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises.

Speed: 5 meter per second
Range and Size: 10 meters
Requirement:Enchanted Gear or Cursed Gear

Tier 2:These level of ability are the standard combat level. Able to cause cuts and bruises with ease.

Speed: 10 meters per second
Range: 20 meters
Requirement:10 Exp

Tier 3:They are able to do some serious damage, being able to create large cuts as well as break bones. While not lethal most of the time, these abilities can cause some fatal damage if struck in the right areas.

Speed: 15 meters per second
Range and Size: 30 meters
Requirement:20 Exp

Tier 4: They are able to inflict serious harm to their opponents. The damage these level of spells can do are lethal, being able to cut a limb cleanly as well as shattering bones.

Speed: 20 meters per second
Range: 40 meters
Requirement:30 Exp

Tier 5:Those that are struck by these abilities may die.

Speed: 25 meters per second
Range: 50 meters
Requirement: 40 Exp

Techniques for abilities can be bought at the price of 10 Exp per Technique. Or trained by a 100 words per Tier level. Meaning if you are creating a technique for a Tier 3 Gear your word count will be 300 words for the technique. To purchase more Technique slots you must pay 15 Exp.
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