Curse stimulant pills

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Curse stimulant pills Empty Curse stimulant pills

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:38 pm

Curse Stimulant Pills
In emergency situations, the commanding officer can order the soldiers to ingest special supplements called "curse stimulant pills," which take 10 seconds to take effect. They raise a person's synchronization with his/her demon to 150% for a short time and then drop it to 0%. In exchange for drastically increasing power, they significantly drop endurance (-5). Two tablets is as far up as 180% but risk killing the user by sending him/her into shock. Most often, only one pill is used and only during extremely dangerous battles. Taking three tablets ruptures all of the user's internal organs.


Similar to the possession mod taking a pill will give you points to increase our stats tier tempory this also work for Manesfations types well but there is a time limit on four post Duration.

One pill will raise you by 150% allowing you to move up a tier in all stats. Two pills will allow you inrcease your stats by another Tier. If you take two pills a dice roll will be do to determine if you will go into shock or not. Taking 3 will kill you. After doing 5 training topics with taking the pills your body becomes Immune to the drawbacks allowing for the use of two pills with out a draw back and a chance to take 3. After the third you must do a dice roll.

Pills can be bought for 10 exp point. Another way to gain a pill(s) is through events. Arcs will be the last way to gain a pill.
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