First and Second Class Weapons(W.I.P.)

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First and Second Class Weapons(W.I.P.) Empty First and Second Class Weapons(W.I.P.)

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:41 am

First Class weapons are the strongest of Vampire weapons. Like Possession type cursed Gears a Vampire can give his/her blood into the sword, this done by a piercing of their hand and commanding your sword to drink your blood. Afterwards the sword will take on a crimson like color allowing the Vampire to power up,and increase stats.

Strength: (how much strength your power up gives you)
Speed:   (how much speed your power up gives you)
Reaction: ( how much reaction your power up gives you)
Endurance: ( how much endurance your power up gives you)
Duration:(how long dose the power up work for)

You can add 5 point(s) towards your power up for every 100 words training.For every 5 points in Duration control means you can use the power up for 1 post.

Second Class weapons are much weaker. A second class weapon will not give you a power up. However second class weapons can still give you an ability to use. Although you gain an ability second class weapons can only go up to a Tier 3 level weapon.
Tier 1: They are one of the least powerful in terms of destruction, being able to only cause minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises.

  • Speed: 5 meter per second
  • Range and Size: 10 meters

Tier 2:These level of ability are the standard combat level. Able to cause cuts and bruises with ease.

  • Speed: 10 meters per second
  • Range: 20 meters

Tier 3:They are able to do some serious damage, being able to create large cuts as well as break bones. While not lethal most of the time, these abilites can cause some fatal damage if struck in the right areas.

  • Speed: 15 meters per second
  • Range and Size: 30 meters

Tier 4: They are able to inflict serious harm to their opponents. The damage these level of spells can do are lethal, being able to cut a limb cleanly as well as shattering bones.

  • Speed: 20 meters per second
  • Range: 40 meters

Tier 5:Those that are struck by these abilites may die.

  • Speed: 25 meters per second
  • Range: 50 meters
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