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Blood System Empty Blood System

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:16 am

As we all know Vampires drink the blood of humans to survive. Blood is also need to keep their strength up. Vampires can also heal by drinking Human blood. If a good vampire dose not drink human blood he/she will become a blood thirsty Demon.

Feeding System

100% Means that you are full.
90% Not yet Hungry
80% not yet hungry
70% Stars to crave for human blood a tad bit
60% You start to hunger for human blood
50% Your hunger increases
40%You stop healing
30%Your stats drop by a tier
20%You stats drop by two Tiers
10%You begin to lose Control
0% You starve and become a willness Demon.

Your feeding system drops by 10% for every 3 post you have went with out feeding or drinking Human blood. If you a fresh turned Vampire who have yet to feed your feeding drops by 20% every three post. However you can drink the blood of the person who turned you to become full. Feeding once puts you back at 100%
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