Japanese Imperial Demon Army Ranks

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Japanese Imperial Demon Army Ranks Empty Japanese Imperial Demon Army Ranks

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:40 pm

Sergeant-You are above Corporal and can now lead your own squad. This Rank Requires 40 Exp.
Corporal- You are starting to make your way into the door. This Rank Requires 30 Exp.
1st Rank Private-The second lowest rank but at least you are higher than a 2nd Rank Private. This Rank requires 20 Exp.
2nd Rank Private  -Is the lowest rank in the army meaning you a lot to prove. This rank requires 10 Exp.
Student- You must attend school before you become apart of the army.

The Hīragi Family is the most powerful family in Japan and are the current leaders of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. They manage to control the JIDA through its family members, occupying all the top positions in the JIDA and are strong fighters. However, this leads to power struggles which causes discomfort among its members. Though it's not an offical ranking in the army the Hīragi starts as 1st Rank Private when finishing school and also start with more stats. At our being stage we are only allowing 3 Hīragi characters at this time. They will also recive a glow with the human color so that they can be noticed. Hīragi can not start as half demons.
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