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Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:44 pm

So you are new Vampire, well Sanguinem is a great place to learn the ropes. This arc would push towards the first steps of farming cattle. By the time you are finish with this arc you will know what it means to be a big bad vampire.

Now that you are a vampire you are hungry feed on a child here being farm.
Reward 1 Exp

A few captives are trying to run away track them down and punish them.
Reward:1 Exp

Friends and Foes
Have a least one social thread with another vampire either becoming friends or rivals
Reward: 1 Exp

Get your sword
Get a sword from one of the Nobles. Nobles Vampires will get first class weapons, while the common gets 2nd class weapons
Reward: 2 Exp

Deal with the spies
Some how some humans have broke in and have been spying, kill them
Reward:2 Exp

Share a meal
Drink some of the human kids blood with a friend or two
Reward: 1 Exp

The matters of Class
Spar with another Vampire to build your skills
Reward:2 Exp

What Happens to Vampires who don't feed!
A vampire has quit drinking human blood and has now became a demon. Take him down.
Reward:2 Exp

Total Exp gained from this Arc 12. Requirement to finish this Arc is 10 Exp.
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