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Name: Lunaria Hīragi
Nickname: Fox's Sin of Wrath
Age: 17
Birth Date: December 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Special Characteristics: Luna has a split personality, one that's not the kindest of people.

Personality: Lunaria is a very loyal person to her friends and is kind to anyone unless they give her a reason not to. She has a very care-free attitude and will sass any person, using as much sarcasm as possible. She enjoys annoying people with puns and can take any joke. She is distrusting of anyone and has a natural dislike for Humanity and Vampires. She can be comforting and understanding, which helps her intelligence as well. She considers herself more of a strategist and would rather manipulate anyone behind the scenes than actually lead. It's not that she couldn't, she's just too socially awkward and nervous to try. She plays off any of her flaws as jokes, and will often jokes with others about her own insecurities. 
Due to never having anyone around to help her for long, she developed a cold, sadistic personality. The only differences between that one and her main one is whereas the first has a regard for life and wanting to protect it, the second does not. The second one focuses purely on her own survival, but keeps her loyalty to her friends. The second has no issue hurting others and will say whatever she wants to either get a reaction, or to get to a certain outcome. The second does not come out often, but will if their is any true danger or if the first receives high negative emotions. 
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Candy - Luna enjoys the sweetness of candy, and will very rarely turn it down, unless given a reason too. 

Books - Learning knowledge whether from fiction or nonfiction as always been a hobby of hers, she can get sucked into a good book without much time. 

Night - The darkness night provides comforts her and she enjoys the way the moonlight reflects of surfaces. 

People - Luna doesn't enjoy the mind games people play with each other, nor all the arguments and ease with negativity. 

Ignorance - Whether it comes from her or not, she would prefer people to see what's before them or tell what's going on, instead of always blaming each other. She wants to understand as much as she can. 

Liars - She has a special place in her heart for those who don't keep their word, and depending as too how often they do it depends on her hatred for that person. 

Solitude - Luna fears solitude more than anything, being left with her own thoughts with no one around to even talk with terrifies her. 
Spiders - This irrational fear doesn't stem from anything but her own humanity, and is not one she will ever admit. 

Family - She wants a group of people she can trust, and will do anything to accomplish those means. She wants people she can rely on. 
Survival - She doesn't fear death as much as the fear of the unknown in the after-life. 

Height: 5'1
Weight: 120oz
General Appearance: Lunaria Hīragi 320?cb=20150104035016

Speed: 7
Stamina: 6
Strength: 3
Reaction: 7
Perception: 5
Accuracy: 5
Endurance: 7

History: Lunaria was born into a poor family before the apocalypse. Her family consisted of a single mom and her younger brother. The first 5 years of her life consisted of reading, dancing and taking care of her brother. She was read too a lot, and had a hobby of dancing to anything. Her mother was not often home during the day, leaving Luna at a very young age to care care of him. When the apocalypse occurred, The vampires took her brother, to later use a livestock. Her mindset was that they killed him. Her mother never returned home from the day, and is also assumed killed. Lunaria had hidden herself when the vampires appeared in her neighborhood and she began her understanding of things. She met up with a group of other children survivors, like many of them did, and for a few years hey looked out for each other. Unknown to Luna, the group she was with only looked out for themselves, though each individually convinced themselves the opposite was true. When Lunaria got a fever, they tried to abandon her multiple times. This was another point in her life when she realized lives existed outside of herself. She was able to overcome it, and remained with the group. Though she was wary. When they ran into a lone vampire who offered to take care of them, the group accepted. Having been starving and on their own for so long. The deal was only one out of the seven of them could go. The children savagely beat each other to death with anything they had. The vampire laughed as Luna fought for her own self defense. Once there was only two of them left, a squad from the Moon Demon Company took care of the vampire, and she was forced to kill her friend. Seeing the cruelty shared by vampires and humans, she took no time joining the safe zone inhabited by Moon Demon company. She was adopted by the Hīragi at age 10, and proceeded to go to school for the next 7 years, knowing she would join the very people she despised to get back at the world. 
(362 Words)
Edit: Lunaria was adopted as she was part of the experiment as to what might happen if a demon had a prior relationship to a human partner, and if they could manage to strengthen the person should the demon be highly compatible. They would insert a demon into a human child (Anyone under the age of 18) and view the results. Lunaria went through this process quite a few times after her adoption, but has little to no recollection of any demon ever inhabiting her, or going through any experimentation of this level. After realizing Mikaizuki had the highest chance of compatibility, they sealed the demon into a separate weapon, which would eventually become Lunaria's when she joins the army.

Face Claim: Ruby Rose - RWBY

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