Dragonball Chronicles

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Dragonball Chronicles

Post by Dragonball Chronicles on Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:53 am

Dragonball Chronicles!

Dragon Ball Chronicles is a fun environment where you can let your imagination lead you. Taking place roughly fifty years after the death of Goku and the main series cast it's an open environment where imagination can lead you to almost anything! Explore the numerous locations our site provides, collect the Dragon Balls, and make any wish your heart is content with!

Our site offers the following:

  • Friendly active staff with 4+ years Admin experience.
  • A friendly environment.
  • The ability to grow your character as far as you want to take it.
  • An easy to understand and fair combat system.
  • A place where you as a member can help turn the plot and create your own storylines.
  • A brand new site with everything still up for grabs including the seven dragonballs!

If you're interested in a comfortable and friendly environment then please go to www.dragaonballchronicles.forumotion.com !

Dragonball Chronicles

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