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Saleth Fotor036
Name: Saleth
Nickname: Sally
Age: 204
Birth Date: August 10th
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: He has a scar that starts to the left of his left eye and curls downward under it, stopping at the bridge of his nose.

Saleth Fotor037
Personality: Like all vampires he can seem pretty cold-hearted but he has a soft spot for little girls since they remind him of his deceased sisters. He tends to take everything seriously and will usually not get any jokes other vampires might be trying to tell him. He shows no mercy to humans who attack him since he thinks they are foolish for trying to kill someone obviously above them in terms of strength. He may take pride in his swordsmanship but he will try to avoid a battle if possible since he prefers to battle those who he thinks will be a challenge. However, he will attack if it is on orders or absolutely necessary. He will tend to distance himself from others so it's hard to get him to join a conservation. Because of his cold exterior and the way vampires are he has no close friends and instead of talking with other vampires he will isolate himself from them. During those moments he tends to wander around away from the vampires in the city. Sometimes when he takes those walks he would bring a notebook with him to draw his surroundings to pass the time. Once in a while he'll use those skills to map out the places where the humans to help with ambushes.
Likes: One of the things he likes is O blood. It tastes sweet to him and it reminds him of when he used to eat treats with his precious younger sisters in the past.
Another thing he likes is books. He finds that books tend to contain interesting information about the world and they pass the time for when he doesn't have any duties at the current moment.
Lastly, he likes to train with his sword. He enjoys practicing his swordsmanship and get ready for any future battles. He especially likes training even more when he has a partner to spar with and welcomes any sincere advice.
Dislikes: One thing he doesn't like is when someone constantly tells him of his short height. He may use it to his advantage in combat but he still doesn't like being one of the shortest vampires there.
Another thing he doesn't like are those vampires who are too eager to do battle. He believes in studying the enemy and situation first before heading into battle and thinks those who strike first without thinking are fools.
Lastly, he doesn't like interacting socially. He tends to drift off in the opposite direction if someone wishes to chat with him. He isn't the social type and prefers to stay quiet and let other vampires do the talking while he stays in the back.
Fears: His first fear is water. He has never been taught to swim so during a battle he unfortunately fell off the bridge he was fighting on and into the rushing deep abyss below. He barely managed to escape drowning and now refuses to go near any deep water.
His second fear is higher ranking vampires. He disobeyed a direct order in the past and suffered terribly at the hands of one of the higher ranked nobles. He nearly starved to death and had lost an arm, only miraculously surviving when the noble was finally done with him. He now goes to great efforts to make sure any order given to him is completed without fail.
Motivations: His first motivation is his desire to repay the mysterious vampire who saved him from humans. He's hoping that someday he will be able to meet the vampire again and show him just how much he has improved since that day all those years ago.
His second motivation is his desire to defeat humanity. After spending the majority of his life with humans he can see their flaws and thinks the world just might be better off without the humans. Of course he knows that he needs humans to live since he, along with the rest of vampires, needs their blood in order to live.

Saleth Fotor038

Height: 5'5'' (165 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (49.90 kg)
General Appearance: Saleth has silver hair with pinkish tips he keeps in a short ponytail and pale, flawless skin along with pointed ears and sharp fangs. His bangs frame his face and reach just past his chin while covering his right eye. He has a delicate but strong body structure and uses his short height to his advantage. He physically looks like he's about sixteen years old since he stopped aging when he was turned. He has large red eyes and on the left side of his face is a small scar that curls towards the bridge of his nose before stopping. He wears the standard uniform for noble vampires with his pure black boots having three inch heels adding to his height overall.
Saleth Fotor039
Stats Tiers
Speed: 11
Stamina: 4
Strength: 11
Reaction: 3
Perception: 3
Accuracy: 5
Endurance: 3
Saleth Fotor040
History: Saleth was born to a wealthy couple and grew up being the only son with three younger sisters. After his sisters were born his mother grew very ill and passed away shortly afterward. He was only seven years of age when he was forced to care for the triplets because his father buried himself in his work after his wife's passing. He ended up doing all of the chores around their house since his father fired all of the staff and even went shopping for necessities. His whole world seemed to revolve around his sisters and slowly their need for their father faded as time went on. Years later on his thirteenth birthday robbers broke into his house and murdered his father and sisters leaving him all alone in the world.
With no living relatives he was thrown into foster care and had to face abuse from several abusive families who only wanted him for his wealth that was left to him due to his father's death. After spending three years being passed around to various families he encountered a rather mysterious man. He later found out that the man wasn't human but a vampire, and a high ranking one too. After encountering the vampire a few more times he was turned and taken away from humans to join the vampires.
During the first few years he spent there he had it rough since he looked so young so the much older vampires and had to quickly prove his worth. He trained and trained so the other vampires won't look down on him and used whatever advantage he could find in his body structure in battle. He swiftly became a feared noble despite his youthful appearence though the majority of both vampires and humans alike had no idea what he looked like since he tended to stay out of public.
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