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Post by Guest on Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:57 pm

Mercy Izaya-1izaya-orihara-13635933-1400-933
If you want to escape the everyday, you must constantly evolve.

NAME: Mercy 
ALIAS: King Heartless
RACE: Half-Demon
AGE: 19
DOB:June 10th ♊ 
WEIGHT: 160lbs

Mercy Giphy

APPEARANCE: Mercy has short, shaggy, raven black hair, he is a fairly average looking young man as well but with his usual display of devilish smirks, he comes off mischievous and untrustworthy to some. In other cases,  people are charmed by his signature grin; besides Mercy's infernal smirk, he has a taste for fashion despite the apocalyptic world, Mercy wears a high-end coat that has thick fur sown on the brims of his sleeves, and hood. Underneath his jacket can be seen a black V-neck he stole from an abandoned mall, before the world was sent in ruins, it was his favorite shirt; beyond his shirt is a dark brown leather belt with a golden buckle. Following up with dark blue jeans, and leather black shoes.
PERSONALITY: Mercy has always exuded  an amiable atmosphere about himself which attracts others to him like a magnet. He's so genial to the point people get the impression he could be manipulated by anyone, and anything;  having such a display for social arts, he is a natural at talking his way into, and out of things. Mercy has shown high degrees of manipulation against many people that range from loved ones, and enemies, in most situations he'd rather not fight, and more so talk. This is only because he enjoys playing a mental game of chess with everyone, seeing them as pawns on his board. To digress, Mercy has his own set of views and how the new world should be, his ideals simply don't mesh with the demon army, and vampires. Despite him coming off as a heartless bastard to some, he has good intentions for the new world, and those that aid him in his goal.
MOTIVATIONS: Mercy's one, and only motivation is to govern the new world, and have everyone under his rule, humans, and vampires alike. He feels as if things need to coexist for everyone to survive, but due to the fact human's and vampires have such high egos, he see's this as impossible in some cases. Mercy wants to abolish the segregated life-styles which promote discrimination,and in a number of cases there has been large scales of social inequality based around race between human's and vampires. Unfortunately the cycles only spiral into deeper depths of hatred, and bloodshed, which forces a divide on both of the active parties. Such motivations have lead Mercy to being such a skilled socialist, and manipulator.

☒ LIKES: Manipulation ● Philosophy ● Strategy Books ● Manga ● Anime ● Hentai
☒ DISLIKES: Idiots ● Religion ● Social Inequality ● Kids
☒ FEARS: Losing ● His demon-half

Mercy Durarara___orihara_izaya_by_lissaaller-d61llkzWhen people are in the presence of Mercy, they can't help but notice his dominant presence. This presence comes from his aggressive initiative to get the things he wants, in other words, he has an enhanced form of assertiveness. Another interesting trait he has is abnormal sense of charisma; charisma enables him an ability that many lack which is leadership. Some other traits about Mercy is that he tends to whistle when he's playing around with someone's emotions, or when he's feel confident, and in control of a grim situation. He tends to pop his lips making sounds to annoy opponent's he feels superior to, the natural tactics makes others feel they are unworthy to battle him, and eventually fall into an abyss of disrespect. The disrespect compels them into a rage making them think unclear; he has a way when it comes to manipulation and takes it serious to get the things he wants, but with a manipulative hand he was blessed with intuition to read others. His intuition usually allows him to make cut-throat decisions against people he finds sketchy, and determine them liars whether he is correct, or incorrect.


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