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Post by Guest on Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:12 pm

Size:A 60 centimenter long katana
Apperance: The hilt is light-blue with atsuba made of two slim swirls of metal looping around the blade to make an open oval, resembling an "S".This formed as a acknowledgement of the demon towards its current user.  As for the blade itself, it takes on a black metal with  the sharp length taking on a gunmetal blue color
Demon's Name: Xaxon
Demon Apperance: Xaxon takes on the appearence of a red headed male in his late 20's  His eyes are completely black with the iris being red. He also has black stitches in the form of black crosses that circle around his neck, and always seems to be smoking a cigarette. Xaxon wears a red and black dress shirt with black pants and a crimson red vest over his dress shirt. He also has black fingernails and all sorts of jewelry in his finger and wrist that declare some kind of demonic origin he used to have or something similar to his past.  Xaxon "Done" Evil-1
Demon Personality: Xaxon is actually full of life and energy, there is no greater joy for this demon than pushing boundaries and discovering and using  new things and ideas. Xaxon likes knowledge and philosophy, but not necessarily for his own sake. What Xaxon likes is ideas that are actionable and drilling into details that he can put to good use. When it comes to ideas such as that, he tends to critique and offer pointers when in a good mood. Xaxon can be seen as insensitive, feelings and emotions come second to facts and reality. If there is a fight that Sada cant win or if a comrade in danger raises their risk level, he would  heavily promote Sada to let them die. Xaxon is also pretty defiant, he sees Sada as a game  to hold off his boredom in order to see how far he goes. The human race and their struggles might be the greatest form of entertainment ever invented to Xaxon, their victories, their defeats, perhaps their inventible demise. Xaxon  wants to bear witness  to their continuation, whenever it leads to their end  or a new beginning, which is why he urges Sada to get stronger and be more involved simply so that Xaxon can be there to watch things unfold.

Ability: Xaxon can create, shape and manipulate the velocity of any moving object: the speed and direction an object is moving. They could simply move things around: by controlling their velocity, user could fly; cancel somethings velocity, making it freeze where it is, even use velocity as a sort of force blast, blasting things away at high speeds. One of the keyt limits is that it can cause a strain on the users body and  the user is unable to affect intangible forces such as time for example.  The number of things that Sada can control increases each rank.

Rank 1- 3 targets
Rank 2- 6 targets
Rank 3- 9 targets
Rank 4- 12 targets 
Rank 5- 15 targets

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