Karasu no ō

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Karasu no ō

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:33 pm

Name: Karasu no ō (King of crows)
Size: Measurements are on the appearance picture. the block at the tip extends 6 cm's on both sides of the barrel.
Appearance: Karasu no ō is a sniper rifle. Its appearance can be seen in the picture below.

Demon's Name: Karasu
Demon Appearance:
Karasu in Izumi’s dreams and nightmares: Karasu is a skinny and tall male (6’1”) who seems to be around the age of 18. He has crimson red eyes, and a really pale skin color. Karasu wears a long, black robe, with a hood attached to it. The robe covers pretty much everything but his hands and feet.
Karasu's manifestation form: Karasu takes the shape of a large, black crow-like creature, with a total of 6 eyes, 3 on each side. The crow’s eyes are a dark crimson, and seem to glow. When manifested, Karasu will appear behind Izumi with a wingspan of 6 meters and a height of 4 meters.

Demon Personality: Karasu is a very pessimistic, theatrical, annoying demon who's also pretty damn rude, and says everything that he wants to say without thinking about his words for even a second. Karasu is very intelligent, at least, according to himself. He has quite a big ego, and claims to be much stronger than other demons.

He sees Izumi as his assistant, and treats her just like one. He tries to order her around quite a lot, which annoys Izumi immensely. Karasu seems to have little respect for Izumi, and only contracted with her because he found her good enough to be his assistant.

Other than not being respectful at all, Karasu is also slightly sadistic. He doesn't enjoy seeing females in pain though, only men.

Ability: Karasu's bullets will passively take the shape of a normal sized, 6 eyed black crow, with its wings wrapped tightly around its body, after traveling 20 meters. the crow will immediately start spinning incredibly fast, making it stronger. The bullet doesn't gain any boosts, except for the ability to pierce through a target or object, like a stone wall.

note: these bullets can obviously not pierce through weapons. 


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Re: Karasu no ō

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