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Class 5: The Four Horseman of John

on Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:53 pm

Caroline sat at her desk, her posture perfectly straight. She almost looked as if she was getting ready for a meeting. She wasn't cursing her bad luck, being stuck as a teacher. She wasn't retired, being at age 25. If anything, she was glad they were giving her this opportunity. She was a good field agent, no one could deny that. However due to the stunt she pulled a few missions ago that wasn't caught immediately, she was stuck teaching for the next 5 or so years. She was just happy they didn't remove her rank, or take her out of the army. She wore her few medals proudly, showing she knew exactly what she would be teaching. She understood the turnout rate of this class was low, she wasn't expecting much else. Caroline looked at the clock on her wrist, her blue eyes saw there was a few minutes left until the bell rung. Her black hair tickled her back as she lifted her chin. She wanted to be prepared for whomever may walk in.

-Player Character-

Lunaria walked into the classroom, first as she had been for the last few classes as well. This was probably the closest she had ever made it to being late. She strode into the classroom and decided to take a window seat this time. She didn't know why the Horseman of John was it's own class, and not part of the races, but she wasn't in the mood to really argue such a useless point. Her boots clanked against the ground softly as she looked at the teacher and did not recognize the woman.
Not that she really recognized any of the teachers really. Though the chalk board behind the desk did say 'Ms.Quinn'. Lunaria supposed that was the teachers way of introducing herself. She shrugged as she decided to wait for the bell to ring and class to start.

Re: Class 5: The Four Horseman of John

on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:37 am
Izumi wasn't sure why the Horseman of John needed their own class, but she didn't really care anyway. She was going to be paying attention this class, as the Horseman of John were quite a common problem on the battlefield. Izumi of course already knew a bit about the monsters, but was sure that this class she was going to be thought some knew things.

Just a few minutes before the class started, Izumi made her way into the classroom and as usual, went to the front seat next to the window. If the class would get boring, which Izumi hoped it wouldn't, she was just going to be staring out of the window.

Izumi looked at the black haired teacher, who's name was "Ms.Quinn" according to the chalk board. She looked like a serious woman, and seemed to have some experience out on the battlegrounds as she had a few medals.

With a sigh, Izumi looked away from the woman and stared out of the window, waiting for the bell to ring.

Re: Class 5: The Four Horseman of John

on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:36 pm
- NPC -

The bell rang, and Caroline got up from her seat. She noticed only two students in the classroom, the low turn up rate wasn't something she was unprepared for. Hopefully some student would arrive late? She sighed, realizing it didn't entirely matter either way. It would be a short class. She cleared her throat a bit to get some attention, and began speaking. "I'm Ms.Quinn, as you can see from the board behind me. We'll only be discussing the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, them being called so as they did not appear until after the apocalypse.She paused, allowing some breathing room before she continued. "The horsemen are non sentient creatures who have many wings and legs, though no one's seen one fly. They do not target animals or vampires, only humans. Does anyone know what this might lead up to?" Caroline looked around the room with her blue eyes, not moving her head nor expecting an answer. 

- Player Character -

Lunaria listened attentively, seeing how it was more common to run into a horseman than a vampire, to anyone who's been outside the walls. She could still remember those days, albeit a few of them and only selectively, but she did remember certain events that happened before she came here. She knew most of what Ms.Quinn was touching up on, and instead of raising her hand, she decided to raise her voice. Mostly so that Izu and the teacher could hear her, considering no one else showed. "Vampires can lead horseman using humans, and often set up children as bait to get someone who can beat a horseman to save the child, and be ambushed." I responded smoothly, still remembering an instance, maybe two where it had happened. It was always despicable, but there was no stopping them. There wasn't exactly a way to get rid of all horseman at the current moment.
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Re: Class 5: The Four Horseman of John

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