Class 4: Combat

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Class 4: Combat Empty Class 4: Combat

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:09 pm

- NPC -

Allison Prevo stood lazily at one end of the room. The classroom had no desks, no chairs. There was no need for either when it came to combat. Either you knew how to fight, or you didn't. She didn't honestly care either way. When they'd go out in the real world, at some point you're going to die, it's a fact. The true question has always been how many you can take with you. She smiled to herself smugly. It was hand to hand she'd be watching, and not much of a show. Most kids who came through here had little to no talent in her eyes. Humanity was damned either way. But, she had to teach this stupid class and was going to be allowed back into duty soon, something she was more than happy about. There was plenty of time left of the passing period before her next class started, so she took to leaning against the wall, not really expecting anyone to arrive for a while.

- Player Character -

Lunaria was surprisingly excited for her next class. Not by a lot, but she wasn't waiting for it to be over before she even walked in so that was a start. Combat didn't involve much learning, it was mostly doing as she saw it. Though knowing some teachers, they'd find someway to cram the students into chairs and have more boring textbook work to do. Which was why Luna was a little happy to see no chairs or desks when she walked in the room. She wondered how the teacher would show them, or teach them how to 'fight'. Considering now would be a little late to begin learning, and weapons were prohibited for this class. She put her bag by the wall and stood next to it, deciding to wait for the next students as well as when the bell would eventually ring.


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Class 4: Combat Empty Re: Class 4: Combat

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:36 pm

Finally, it was time for Izumi's favourite class, combat. It was one of the few things they got taught about that she still needed to get better at. Not that her fighting skills were bad, there was always room for improvement.

Izumi, for once, was actually quite early, which was a big surprise for herself. She found herself walking into the classroom earlier than she had ever done. Izumi glanced over at the teacher, a female leaning against the wall. She seemed to be a cool teacher at first glance, which was nice. The white haired girl claimed a spot  against the wall just a few meters away from the door. She stared down at the floor, waiting for the class to start.


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