Midnight Madness

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Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:28 pm

The night air was crisp as Mikajia and his friend Saleth walked the streets of downtown Sannomiya. Their mission was a simple one, their livestock was getting a little scarce in Nagoya, and seeing as the population never seems to run too low in Sannomiya, it was time to go shopping. Not to mention, the place was constantly crawling with Horsemen, so the people practically begged them to play the role of a personal blood bag. Better to live as livestock than die as vermin apparently. Mikajia would never be able to understand them, he would never be the type to subjugate himself to that kind of role, regardless of what species he was. But it didn't really matter now did it? It wasn't pity he was feeling for the human's, far from it, he couldn't care less what became of the filth. What he really couldn't understand was how any creature that could be considered sentient in even the slightest, would willingly allow themselves to become nothing more than tools to others. Just to feel safe.

His ruby eyes scanned the sidewalks around them, their dark shadows blanketing small crowds of humans. The dark pools of shadow may have been impenetrable to weaker eyes, but for him, as a vampire, he saw everything around him clear as day. All that had changed was the color with which he saw his surroundings. His eyes could pierce the darkened shades around him to clearly notice the weak and feeble creatures around him. Their eyes looking to him almost longingly. The human's clearly already knew the deal. That the moment a noble came walking through town, it was another chance for "Safety" and "Freedom".

Mikajia scoffed at that thought before turning his gaze from a battered woman feebly trying to lift herself from the sidewalk. The closer they got to the center of the town, he knew that their chances of finding healthy humans would quickly dwindle, mostly because that was where the heaviest population of Horsemen would be, so they would need to begin their recruitment process soon. He knew both he and Saleth could easily take down a couple Horsemen, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that if they didn't do it quickly, more were always sure to follow. And eventually they would be swarmed by them.

"So what do you think?" He said as they came to a halt in the street. They had made it to a rather large intersection in Sannomiya. As he scanned the area around him, his eyes could pick up no less than nearly one-hundred humans just on the sidewalks alone. His eyes and hearing both could tell him that even more people lay in hiding in the buildings that surrounded them. "They look decently healthy...for the most part. And we're not too close to the center of downtown. How much time do you think till they start showing up?" He asked before turning to look at the shorter blond noble.

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Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:47 pm

Saleth's sharp heels clicked against the ground as he walked beside Mikajia down the street. The night sky was clear and he could clearly see the stars shining down upon them. His left hand rested against Miteagus's hilt to reassure the short noble that his weapon was indeed there. He never liked to leave the city without Miteagus at his side, it left him vulnerable to any attack directed at him. Red eyes briefly glanced towards his companion in this mission before taking in their surroundings.

Livestock was getting smaller with every passing day in Nagoya so he, along with Mikajia, was tasked with the mission to go to Sannomiya to round up more humans. It was a welcome change from just lazing around the city, but he had to wonder why he was put with a partner. Usually on missions it was just him, on rare occasions he was put in charge of a small group of low ranking vampires. Oh well, this could be a welcome change.

His small ponytail swayed in the wind while he took in his surroundings as they got closer to the center. There were a lot of humans out in the open and with his sensitive hearing he could make out an even larger portion of humans hiding inside the buildings. They were bound to find healthy humans to bring back as livestock in exchange for protection.

Saleth came to a stop a few steps ahead of Mikajia and turned his head around to look at the much taller noble. "It should be a while till they show up," The short noble gazed into the distance and tilted his head. "However, we should hurry and gather the humans who are healthy enough. It would not do at all if they were to perish if a battle were to occur."


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Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:25 pm

"Oh yes. And what an awful thing that would be." Mikajia said in response to the blond noble's words, sarcasm practically dripping from his voice as he looked around him at the human's. Raising his voice just enough for the people around him to hear, but to not attract unwanted attention, Mikajia said, "Listen up. As of right now, you are all our property. And we like our property to be in good condition. So, those of you that can walk, begin to make your way over to my partner and I. The choppers will be here in fifteen minutes to pick up the livestock. When they arrive, those going will be arranged in a neat and orderly line. Those of you that can't walk, or move, well, to be quite frank, I don't care, and that means you're stuck here. You wanna get out of this place, then move your ass.

"If you are healthy enough to come along, and you know of someone else around here that is also healthy, then go quickly find them and bring them down here. You will begin a line, three wide, at the beginning of this block," Mikajia said, emphasizing the three with his fingers, and then motioned towards the beginning of the block, nearly a quarter mile in the direction they'd just came from, "And you will do it quietly. Any excessive noise will attract unwanted attention. And then, not only will we have to kill the Horsemen, we will also have to kill the fools that drew them here in the first place. You have your orders, you know what to do, now begin." He said, and watched as all the eyes that had turned to him when he began speaking, turned away, and whispers quickly and frantically began to circle in the air around him.

Those that could move were either hurriedly moving towards the starting point for the line, or were scurrying about to find others to join them. For the first few minutes, things went well. A large line had already began to form, and it looked like they may even have to call in a fourth chopper for the amount of human's they were recruiting this time around. Everything was quiet, nobody, not even the children were making a fuss, but even still, it hadn't been enough. It wasn't really all that surprising to be completely honest, there's always a chance that the beasts will come around, even if you're being as careful as you can be, but it still doesn't mean Mikajia was any less annoyed.

It started as a soft and deep boom, something most likely completely unnoticeable to the humans, but unmistakable to both he and Saleth. "Dammit." Mikajia practically groaned and turned to look down the street directly adjacent to the main street they were on. "Couldn't we be lucky at least once?" He asked no one in particular; a derisive stare on his face before he bowed his head and rubbed his temples.

A couple seconds later he looked over to the blond before saying, "So Sally. Do you want to do the honors first, or should I?" The booming having already gotten louder and closer, enough so that even the human's could hear it now; the murmuring from the things also getting louder and louder with each boom, the fear from the things practically palpable in the air around them.

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Post by Guest on Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:14 am

"Indeed." Saleth said in agreement to Mikajia. He looked around their surroundings some more while Mikajia addressed the humans and started giving them their orders. He could see that every human who was out on the street was looking towards them. Even a few from the buildings were poking their heads out of doors and windows to hear what the tall vampire noble was saying. He watched as the humans hurried to get in line or find their healthy friends who weren't there.

He hummed in approval at how quiet the humans were. At this rate they wouldn't have to defeat any Horsemen in this mission. However, fate wanted to prove him wrong. The short noble frowned when he heard familiar booms in the distance. "Looks like we are unable to avoid battle," He glanced towards his partner and heard him curse under his breath. Red eyes slowly blinked when he was asked if he wanted the honors. He looked back in the direction of the booms and tilted his head. The whispers were getting louder but he could still make out another set of booms.

"I hear two," Saleth muttered. "It seems like we both get the honor of defeating the Horsemen today." While he was saying that two familiar creatures turned the corner at the opposite end of the street. He was grateful that Mikajia ordered the humans to go to their current spot to line up since it'll be easier to defend them from the Horsemen.

The short noble began walking forward towards one of the Horsemen who was rapidly coming closer. He swiftly pulled Miteagus out of its sheath and held his sword in front of him with both hands on the handle. He stopped in his steps and glanced behind him to see if his partner was also coming.


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Post by Guest on Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:15 pm

"Well well, things are getting interesting now." He said, when the shorter noble mentioned two Horsemen instead of one. A second later he noticed the distinct boom of a second Horsemen, verifying Saleth's words. He had thought that this little mission would be rather boring, as usual, maybe give a little bit of excitement in the form of no more than one Horsemen; they go through the motions, kill the horsemen, finish the recruitment process, and be on their way. But apparently, fate had other plans in mind for them. It seemed this time around, they might actually be tested, and have to struggle a little.

A smile began to stretch across Mikajia's lips. Though he considered it annoying to have to deal with Horsemen during a recruitment process, it was usually due to the fact that it was never more than just one in the time he was out recruiting. So it never really posed any kind of challenge, not even enough for a warm up. Things might be different this time around. He of course wasn't wanting to take on an entire legion, that would be foolish. Rather, Mikajia greatly enjoyed pitting his skills against stronger opponents, and continuing to grow in strength, and just one Horsemen, could never do that. Three or four though, that was another story.

Mikajia reached his arms back, grasped the handles of Shi no Tenshi and Fukushu no Tenshi, and drew them from their sheaths as he walked forward, the blades ringing with a quiet tang after being fully drawn from the scabbards. He walked forward with the swords drawn, stopping when he was directly beside the shorter noble. "I'm calling the bigger one." He said after taking in the hulking forms of the beasts. The smaller of the two a tan and white color, while the larger was black and white. Both of the creatures easily thirty feet tall and twenty feet wide, sporting four wings each and between four and six legs. They were grotesque looking like always, but Mikajia didn't grimace. In fact, he could feel the familiar thrill feeling him as he readied himself for battle.

The Horsemen began to pick up speed, probably sensing the mass of human's ahead, and ready to kill. Too bad they would never reach their target. "What do you say we make a game of this?" He said and looked to his partner with a grin, "The one with the highest kill count by the time the choppers get here gets a free meal." He waited only a moment for Saleth's response, then crouched, readying himself to pounce and kill his target. The larger Horsemen was only ten meters away by this point, plenty close enough.

Mikajia tensed his muscles tighter, and a second later sprung. He shot forth like a bullet, practically flying across the ground, and sliced through half of the creature's legs, reappearing on the opposite end of the creature in the time it took to blink. A second later, Mikajia had already launched himself into the air, twisting himself around at the peak of his jump, swinging a leg out in time to land a powerful kick and send the creature crashing to the ground, its legs no longer present to hold it's form up. As Mikajia fell, he flung his swords down ahead of him, piercing them into the head of the creature. Once Mikajia landed on top of the creature, he immediately grabbed his swords on either side of him and sprinted the full length of the beast from the top of its head down to the bottom of its back, dragging his swords through the beast's skin as he ran.

When Mikajia reached the bottom of the Horseman's back, he flipped off, landing lightly behind the monster now thoroughly beaten, but still not dead yet. He heard the whistle of the air behind him as the beast tried to land a kick on him. Mikajia jumped cleanly out of the way, launching himself towards a large building directly to his left. He landed on the buildings side, crouching quickly to absorb the momentum, as well as to build up his strength for his next attack. A heartbeat later, he launched himself back at the Horseman, swinging his swords in a diagonal arch from left hip to right shoulder, cleanly severing the monster's limb as he shot by. Mikajia used the momentum of his strike, spinning himself around and sliding several feet across the sidewalk.

He crouched one last time as his momentum slowed down, preparing for one last strike to the beast. His swords poised at either side, Mikajia sprung the instant his sliding stopped, jumping directly for the Horseman's head. Mikajia spun like a deadly top through the air, bringing his blades around to deal one final blow to the beast's neck. Decapitating the creature in one fell swoop.

Mikajia landed nearly a dozen feet from the massive Horseman's corpse, on bended knee, just seconds before the massive head came crashing down a few feet ahead of him. Mikajia cracked his neck as he stood and turned to check on the shorter noble's progress on dealing with his own Horseman. 

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Post by Guest on Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:09 pm

Saleth watched as Mikajia took his swords out of their sheath with an air of excitement surrounding him. He turned back towards the Horsemen and was about to take a step forward when his partner's voice claiming the biggest one as his reached him. So, he was being left with the smallest one? He frowned, wondering briefly if the taller noble claimed the biggest one because of their height difference.

He eyed his new target while Mikajia continued on talking. Apparently the younger noble desired a game with the reward being a free meal. "Very well," The short noble's lips twitched upward into a small smile. "I shall take you up on that challenge." Red eyes glanced down at his sword before focusing on his target. It was heading straight for him but yet still ignoring his presence. The Horsemen were just interested in humans after all, making it all too easy to get the first strike.

Saleth could hear the ground crack under his feet as he shot off towards the creature. It took only a second for the short noble to cut off half of its legs and reappear a few feet away from the Horseman. He calmly waited with Miteagus poised to strike as the Horseman stumbled from the sudden lose of its legs. Red eyes narrowed as the creature finally registered his presence and attempted to kick him with its nearest leg.

Saleth swiftly moved a few steps to the left, effortlessly dodging the leg, and swung Miteagus down chopping the outstretched limb off. The Horseman drew back from the sudden loss of another limb and crashed to the ground on its side from its sudden movement. The silver haired noble took the chance and ran towards the creature. Before he reached the creature he paused and tapped the heels of his boots against the ground three times in unison.

He heard a loud click and felt movement within his boots as the heels shifted into their combat position. After a few seconds his heels had a sharper edge with a saw-like appearance. He took a few running steps and jumped up onto the Horseman, his new heels digging violently into the creature beneath him. He stabbed Miteagus into the Horseman and made his way up the length of the creature quickly, both his heels and sword wounding the creature.

The Horseman tried to throw the short noble off a few times, but he managed to hold on thanks to both Miteagus and his heels. When he reached the head he pulled Miteagus out of the Horseman and softly smirked. The Horseman did one last desperate attempt to throw the noble off, but went limp when Saleth sliced Miteagus straight through its neck, decapitating the creature.

He watched as the head bounced onto the ground before slowly rolling to a stop. The silver haired noble jumped down from his perch and tapped his heels against the ground three times in unison. A familiar loud click sounded before his heels changed back into their casual look. He looked around to find his partner and saw that the younger noble was already looking at him.


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Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:21 am

Mikajia watched as Saleth jumped down from the back of the dead smaller Horseman, then smirked as he watched the noble click his heels against the ground, causing a shift to the shoes from a combat form to a casual one. He'd always given the smaller noble crap about his height for as long as he'd known the vampire, but it was all in good fun. He had to give it to the man though, leave it to someone vertically challenged to find a lethal use for heels. "I must say Sally, you are the only person I've ever known that could actually make heels seem intimidating. It's quite the feat, honestly." He said, leaning to one foot, cocking his head slightly as he smirked once more and rested the back of one of his swords on his shoulder, "I'm honestly curious, exactly where did you get shoes like that?" He'd asked Saleth before stopping and looking towards the end of the street where the first two Horsemen had come from, "Never mind." He said before turning to face the next wave of beasts, "It appears round two is about to begin. Guess you'll have to regale me with the story of your shopping spree after we're done here. You can do that while your treating me to my meal for winning." He said, and then grinned wider as he twirled his swords once.

"Well well, guess my count will be going up by two this time 'round." Mikajia said in note of the fact there were now three large Horsemen rounding the corner. Then looked back to the blond noble before lifting his brows a couple times in a taunt, then smirked. "That is, unless you can beat me to that last one. Mind you, I won't be going easy. You'll have to hurry to keep up." He grinned after his last taunt to the shorter noble, looking back to the stampeding Horsemen. These next three were much larger than the last two, and much more menacing looking. It would appear he would actually need to try a little harder this time. Which was perfectly fine by him. Mikajia honestly hated an easy fight. Even if he lost a match, so long as he felt like he actually tried his best, and felt like he actually exerted himself to the max, he would still be happy. Which was why he was practically grinning from ear to ear right now. They still had over ten minutes left till the choppers would arrive. Which meant he was bound to face more than this next round of monsters before they left. It was highly likely that he was going to suffer some kind of injury or two by that point, but that knowledge did nothing to lessen his thrill for battle. In fact, it actually made him more eager, if that was possible. It meant he was in for an actual fight.

"Ugly little beasties aren't they?" Mikajia said as he watched the creatures quickly approaching, and took his stance, crouching a little to build up the tension in his legs, preparing to pounce. He twirled his swords once more before saying, "Fukushu no Tenshi, drain my blood." This command worked differently than simply telling the sword to drink his blood, that simply causing nothing more than the sword to turn red from his blood, and give him a boost to his physical abilities. By giving it this command, several little spikes stabbed into his hand, and would then proceed to drain his blood at a constant rate, thereby giving him access to a different ability altogether.

As soon as the command was given, several small spikes stabbed into the palm of his left hand, that being the one holding Fukushu no Tenshi, and he felt the familiar sensation of his blood being continually siphoned out. Thankfully, since he wasn't using a powerful ability, the drain to his blood wouldn't be too great. Horsemen weren't powerful enough opponents for him to bother using any greater skills than these on. He would be able to settle for some of his simplest skills to take care of these little pests. He then gave his next command, "Boreal flames," and with those words, a bright icy blue flame erupted along the length of his sword, the flames dancing vibrantly and illuminating a large portion of the street all around the two nobles, "Frostbite." He said a second later, causing the flames to pulse once, then recede into the sword, leaving a simple lite frost seething out of it, symbolizing the skill he was using. This technique would cause the bright blue flames to explode out towards the target, each time he landed a blow with either Fukushu no Tenshi, or any of his limbs. Contact with the frozen flames would then cause a cold harsh burn to whatever was touched.

By this point, two of the Horsemen had come within several meters of the two nobles, the third trailing roughly ten meters behind them. Mikajia waited no longer, shooting forward with a force strong enough to leave a small crater in the ground behind him. Within half a second, Mikajia had already arrived directly in front of the beast; barreling underneath the massive monster, Mikajia sliced through many of the Horsemen's legs with Fukushu no Tenshi, causing the blade to emit the frozen flames upon contact with each leg, and eliciting a guttural roar from the beast from the pain. This time around the legs weren't lopped off, due to the fact they were so large; however, they were still gravely wounded by both his sword, and the brutally cold flames. Deep gashes were left in the four left legs of the monster, the injury still severe, which caused the beast to falter and stumble to the ground with a gargantuan crash.

Mikajia ducked and rolled underneath a monstrous leg, aimed at him from the angry Horseman, barely missing getting pummeled by the thing. As he came out of the somersault, Mikajia quickly launched himself into the air, arching himself backwards to flip and land crouched on the creatures back, instantly causing blue flames to erupt from his feet, as well as Fukushu no Tenshi as he stabbed both it and Shi no Tenshi into the beast. The roar of pain from the thing was nearly deafening, especially with his heightened hearing, but he ignored the pain to his ears, focusing on finishing the Horsemen off quickly with his next attack. Mikajia shot up the creatures back, quickly making it to the head, his feet and blade leaving dark burns along the entire length of the monster, and causing even harsher thrashing and screaming from the Horsemen, but to no avail, Mikajia clung to the thing like a leech.

The moment he made it to the top of the thing's head, Mikajia immediately launched himself into the air, well out of reach of the monstrous leg aimed at him. As he fell back down to earth like a dart, Mikajia brought his swords down for one final strike, cleanly cleaving the beast from the tip of its head to the bottom of its torso. The impact of Mikajia's landing, causing a decent sized crater in the street, as well as dozens of cracks spreading out for several feet. The Horsemen stood stock still for a breath, before keeling over on the street with a resulting boom, the sound echoing for many blocks.

He only had a moment to register the fact that the boom would be likely to draw far more attention than the really wanted. By the time that thought passed through his mind, he was a second too late to register the massive leg barreling towards him, and quickly knocking him backwards into the building off to his side. His frame leaving a deep crater in the side of the building. "Ah, hell." Mikajia groaned out, just before stumbling to the ground, "That's gonna leave a bruise." He said, just before quickly twisting out of the way of another attack aimed at him. The third Horsemen was apparently much faster than the others they'd killed so far, and had managed to close the distance just in time to catch Mikajia off guard, even if only for a second. But of course that wouldn't be enough to do him in. It just meant he'd have to make the thing pay dearly for knocking him into a wall.

Mikajia dodged another hit aimed at him by the Horseman, simultaneously leaving a deep gash with Fukushu no Tenshi. A quick spin let him dodge another well aimed hit from the beast, and another swipe left another of it's legs burned and injured. But this Horseman wasn't like the others he'd killed so far, it appeared to be determined. Guess it had been friends with the others or something. Whatever the reason, this one was a much bigger pest. This note became much more apparent when he was caught unawares by the energy blast it sent his way, lifting him off his feet and sending him hurling for the building once more. However, he didn't splat like last time. He had a little farther to travel this time, and managed to rotate himself just right to land feet first on the wall. Crouching to absorb the blow, Mikajia sent himself rocketing back towards the Horseman; a decent strike with his sword as he flew by left a good cleave to the creatures neck, but not quite enough to finish it just yet.

Injured and nearly dead, he figured the Horseman might just give up, but no such luck. Just after taking a nice big chunk of the things neck, Mikajia felt himself flying in the opposite direction than he should be, this caused by yet another blow from the beast. It had brought one of its back legs up just in time to connect with him after cutting its neck and sent him crashing into the ground near the rest of its legs. Mikajia could feel the damage the beast had done so far, by his count he had two fractures in his arms, and several deep bruises to his back and chest. Nothing life threatening, and easily fixable with a little blood. But he needed to finish this fight first. Not only that, he knew that the longer this dragged on, the more they'd have to deal with these things, and they would just get harder from here on out, both because of his injuries, and because the more dangerous ones would be heading this way from the center of town.

Time to finish this. He thought as he rolled away from the Horseman's next few attacks, then darted towards the building, readying for his final assault on the thing. Mikajia put on a quick burst of speed, causing himself to sprint up the side of the building for several meters, then kick himself off the side of the building and flying for the head of the monster. A quick twist midair let him dodge one last attack from the Horseman before he landed a heavy blow to the back of the thing's head. The attack sending the Horseman crashing to the ground, just seconds before Mikajia landed on it's back, his sword quickly following and finishing the decapitation.

"Well, that certainly could have went better." He said, before wincing slightly as he jumped down from the Horseman's back, then cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders to try and get the tenseness out. That's when he heard another boom, that most likely being Saleth finishing off a Horseman. However, the time was definitely off. He knew that it wouldn't have taken that long for the shorter noble to finish just one Horseman, that meant another must have arrived while he'd been fighting these two. But at the moment, Mikajia was surrounded by dead hulking Horsemen, so he couldn't be completely sure. He sheathed his swords just before reaching for his pouch which held several vials of human blood. He carried them with him for moments just like this. He could of course just go and drink blood from any one of the humans waiting to be picked up, but he was a little too preoccupied at the moment to take the time to go and drink from a human.

He opened the pouch, praying as he did so, that not all of the vials had been broken in the last fight, and then proceeded to sigh in relief when he saw that a couple had stayed intact. Pulling a vial out of the pouch, he uncorked it and drained all of the contents as he made his way over to the sound of clicking heels. With the vial emptied, he tossed it away. He nearly sighed in relief as he felt his broken bones beginning to mend, and his bruises healing over. "I take it I'm not the only one who got ambushed." He said with a chuckle and a grin, when Saleth came into view, and he took in his appearance. "That last bastard actually managed to break a few of my bones. How'd yours go?"

Word Count:
Normal Training Word Count: (2,697)
Weapon And Technique Training Word Count: (1,439)
Number of Horsemen Defeated: (3)

Blood Percentage:
Mikajia's blood level had drained to 78% after using Boreal Flames: Frostbite, and he'd went three post without blood. After the vial of blood, he is back to 100%.


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Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:48 pm

Saleth looked down and examined his heels when the younger noble commented on them. He didn't get these boots from somewhere, he made them himself after many trail and errors. He could still remember the times the heels malfunctioned and went too far up when it was changing into combat mood. Those were not good days, even with his advanced healing. Unfortunately, when he managed to get it to work properly there was a bit of a downside to it. The heels were fairly easy to break during the process of switching modes so he had to be careful during those times.

The silver haired noble glanced in the direction Mikajia was facing and frowned when he heard the familiar booms of Horsemen coming their way. He readied Miteagus and rolled his eyes when the taller noble confidently said that he would be getting the free meal. "The challenge is not yet over." He narrowed his eyes when he saw three Horsemen coming for them. This could help with their game since it's an odd number. They are currently tied so this might decide the winner of the challenge.

Saleth dug his feet into the ground for a boost before shooting off towards the nearest Horseman like a missile. Miteagus hissed through the air as the short noble brought it down onto the large creature's leg. He frowned  for a moment when the blade didn't go all the way through the limb and tore Miteagus out of the Horseman to swiftly dodge a kick aimed at his side. The silver haired noble skidded across the hard ground for a few feet before jumping back towards the Horseman with Miteagus raised above his head. He swung Miteagus down on the other side of the wounded limb and was satisfied when the new wound he made reached the other wound. He jumped a few paces away as the limb fell limply to the ground.

The Horseman seemed to be angered at the loss of one of its legs and launched another attack against the short noble. He sidestepped the kick and let Miteagus fall down and slice through the leg that was used to try and kick him. That was two legs he had cut off now. Saleth smiled as he faced his target again when he heard another set of booms. He turned his head and saw yet another Horseman coming towards them, however it seemed like it was heading for Mikajia's direction. He glanced towards his partner and saw that the third Horseman was already heading for the tall noble who was close to killing the Horseman he was currently fighting.

The silver haired noble blinked in surprise when he heard a whoosh and barely managed to dodge another kick. "I guess I have to finish this now," The short noble mumbled and glanced down at the gleaming sword he held. "Drink my blood, Miteagus." Dark green vines sprouted from the hilt and wrapped around his right hand before sinking its spikes into the noble's flesh. He watched as a red line slowly shot up the middle of his blade. When it reached the top a light blue glow surrounded the tip of Miteagus's blade and the sword vibrated for a brief second in Saleth's hands. "Here we go," The short noble smirked before he shot off towards the Horseman in front of him.

He dodged another attack and used the leg that attempted to kick him as a jumping board. He landed neatly next to the Horseman's head and raised Miteagus slightly before bringing the blade down. Miteagus cut through the head like a hot knife on butter and he watched as spikes of ice shot up from the wound. The Horseman wobbled under him before collasping to the ground, slowly turning to ice due to the internal wound the short noble had inflicted on it. He jumped down from the Horseman and bent his knees slightly to absorb the force of impact when he touched the ground. He stood back up and lifted Miteagus so the tip of the blade was pointing at the sky.

"Fluttering Snowflake," Saleth whispered to the blade. He could feel more of his blood being drained as ice in the shape of snowflakes formed around him. The snowflakes danced around his form elegantly as they waited for his command to attack. Red eyes locked onto the approaching Horseman that was rapidly coming closer to Mikajia and pointed Miteagus at it. "Attack." The snowflakes shot past him in the direction Miteagus was pointing to. The short noble was pleased to see that the majority of his snowflakes managed to cut the Horseman, and was even more pleased to see that one of its legs was frozen solid.

The Horseman nearly crashed to the ground due to its leading leg being completely encased in ice. It managed to regain its footing and turned in the short noble's direction. The Horseman charged in his direction with more speed than he was expecting. He was only able to move a few steps before one of its legs landed a heavy blow in his side. The short noble grunted when his back met one of the buildings, creating a large hole in the wall. He hissed in pain as he shifted the rubble off him and grasped Miteagus more tightly in his hands. He ignored the pain he felt in his side and shot back at the Horseman, leaving a crater in his wake. The Horseman noticed the vampire noble coming right at it and raised one of its legs to smack the noble back to the ground, but he was prepared this time.

He sidestepped the fast attack and chopped off the limb with one smooth slice with Miteagus. Ice slowly froze over the wound on the Horseman and the limb that was now on the ground due to Miteagus's ability. He swiftly tapped the tip of Miteagus's blade against the ground and watched as a small pillar of ice rose up from the spot. He jumped up onto the pillar and from there onto the Horseman right before it destroyed the pillar of ice he created. He stabbed Miteagus down into the creature and watched as it jerked violently as spikes of ice broke through it near the area Miteagus was stabbed in. He dragged Miteagus through the Horseman as he made his way up the length of it heading right for the head, leaving a trail of spikes behind him. He took Miteagus out of it for just a second before stabbing it once more into the Horseman right next to its head. After a mere moment a spike of ice much larger than the others erupted from the top of the Horseman's head, killing it.

He pulled Miteagus out of the creature and jumped down onto the ground below as the creature started to fall. He walked a few feet out of the way so he wouldn't be crushed by the heavy body and looked around for his partner to see if he was done with the two Horsemen. Red eyes quickly spotted the taller noble and he made his way over to him. He stopped right next to the taller noble and considered the question that was asked. He put Miteagus back into its sheath and poked and prodded around the area he was kicked at. He winced at the pain that blossomed again due to his probbing and let his hand fall back to his side. "A few broken ribs and a couple bruises." He briefly glanced down at the vials of blood the noble had before looking away. Mikajia was smart to have brought his own stash of blood, too bad he didn't have a stash of his own.


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Mikajia's eyes followed Saleth's as he eyed the pouch that held his extra vials of blood. A second later he lifted the final one from its spot and tossed it to the other noble, saying, "Here. I have a feeling we'll both need to be at peak condition for what's bound to come. We've made a lot of ruckus, and we still have a little less than tin minutes till the choppers arrive. We're bound to run into more Horsemen. As a matter of fact," Mikajia's voice trailed off as he glanced around him at the tall buildings surrounding them, "There we go." He said while glancing up near the top of the building directly in front of him, roughly thirty stories tall. He reached behind him and pulled out Shi no Tenshi, "Drain my blood, Shi no Tenshi." When the words left his lips, Mikajia felt the sting of several small spikes stabbing into his right palm, beginning to drain his blood. A bright light gold aura swallowed the blade of his sword, tongues of light wisping into the air from the blade. The flickering light sending shadows dancing across the street and buildings around them. "Ricochet." He said at last, immediately causing dozens of square platforms to appear in the air, ascending directly in front of him for the full thirty floors to the top of the building.

"Follow me." Mikajia said as he glanced behind him at the shorter noble before jumping forward and beginning to bound from glowing platform to glowing platform. A few seconds later Mikajia was standing on the roof of the massive building, walking the length of each of its sides, glancing down at the streets far below to take note of the current situation. "Well, it appears we aren't as bad off as I thought." He said, when he heard Saleth make his way up the platforms and to the roof. "We have seven left to deal with as far as I can tell. Two are approaching from the east, heading for the back of the human's line," He said and pointed off to the left, showing Saleth the two hulking forms closing in from roughly eighty meters away, "Two from the west," Mikajia said, pointing with his sword off to the right at another two large Horsemen, aiming for the front of the human's line but still roughly seventy meters away from the humans, "Two more to the north," He said and pointed with his thumb behind him at yet another two Horsemen, these two the largest ones yet that they'd come across, "And finally, the mother of all." He said, and chuckled as he pointed to the final one approaching from the south. It was easily sixty feet tall, and could more than likely use that nasty little energy ability the last one he'd fought had. He almost winced just thinking about the kind of pain he'd likely face while taking that beast down. "Thankfully we have a while till that beastie gets here. It definitely isn't the agile type. We'll be able to take the others down, and then tackle that one together. The wager still stands though." He said and grinned at Saleth, "We'll just tweak it a little. The one to land the final hit on beastie over there, wins."

Mikajia twirled his glowing sword once when he finished, flashing another grin. "I'd say our best method will be a flanking strategy. We both each take down the sets of two charging from the east and west. When they're taken out, we flank the two heading from the north, both taking down one each to make it quick. By that point, big momma over there should be well within ambushing range. By that point, hopefully the choppers will have arrived, and we can make our way out of here without any more issues. Believe me, I'm not against fighting and kicking ass, but neither am I a fool. And I'd rather not have to face a swarm of these things. I'll start with the ones to the west." He said, motioning to his right, and began walking to the edge of the roof, manifesting platforms from the edge of the roof in front of him, as well as the eastern edge of the building that would take Saleth to the building nearest the two Horsemen approaching from the east. "It'll disappear quickly, so I'd hurry." He yelled over his shoulder before stepping up onto the first platform in front of him.

Without further ado, Mikajia began running across the platforms heading to the next rooftop that would take him to the two Horsemen heading for the front of the human's line. Mikajia dashed across the next roof top, leaping from the farthest edge without a seconds hesitation, already knowing what he would need to do. It was a chance he wouldn't normally take if he wasn't in pique condition, activating two techniques simultaneously. But the current situation made it necessary; to take them all down quickly and efficiently, without sustaining any loss to the livestock, pressing himself would be necessary. "Drain my blood, Shi no Tenshi." He said as he fell stories through the air, heading straight for the beasts; drawing Fukushu no Tenshi simultaneously as the small spikes from Shi no Tenshi drained even more of his blood.

Just over twenty feet above the beasts, Mikajia yelled, "Solar Wave!" And swung Shi no Tenshi in a wide arc directly at the beasts. Instantly as he swung, a large physical wave of golden light surged forth, pummeling the beasts into the ground. The golden wave splashing over the creatures and the street, traveling several meters in every direction before finally disappearing. However, with the initial crash into the Horsemen, Mikajia was able to use the presence of the waves to safely cushion his rapid descent, landing him calmly on top of one of the Horseman's heads before quickly launching himself away from the beasts before they could begin their attack on him. While still disoriented, he knew this would be the perfect chance to take them both out simultaneously.

As he flew through the air away from the beasts, he yelled, "Ricochet!" Initializing his previous technique once more, and instantly manifesting dozens of platforms all around them in a large dome twenty meters in diameter. Mikajia focused, sharpening his senses for his next attack, knowing he would need to make every single one of them count. Every detail of his surroundings took on sharper detail, and time seemed to be slightly more sluggish as he landed in a crouch on a platform just behind him. "Time to kick this up a notch." He said, letting a wicked gleam fill his eyes, and a crooked smirk fill his face. Mikajia shot from the platform, his form a blur as he quickly rebounded from more and more of the glowing squares, each pass by the creatures leaving deeper and deeper gashes in their forms.

When it appeared one or both of the Horsemen were catching on to his tactics, Mikajia changed things up a bit; making a wide sweep with Shi no Tenshi as he passed in front of the beasts once more and shouting, "Solar Wave!" Sending another large wave of light crashing into the beasts, and because of the proximity, knocking them back several meters. He still hadn't canceled the Ricochet technique, a taxing move, but necessary for this fight. As soon as he'd launched the wave of light, Mikajia rebounded a few more times to send himself darting towards the flailing beasts, and crashing through his own wave of light to rebound off of a platform placed in the direction the Horsemen were sliding to. As Mikajia shot off the glowing box, and towards the backs of the beasts, he made sweeping strikes with both his blades, simultaneously taking decent chunks out of both the Horsemen's necks. But that still wasn't enough to do them in. It did however, bring him much closer to finishing this fight.

Mikajia reverted to dashing about like a dart once more, landing several more decent blows to either of the monsters. He was beginning to feel it now though, the drain of using two techniques simultaneously. His thirst would start to really grow soon, which meant he would start to get slower. However, that was still a ways off. He was confident enough that he'd be able to finish off these two, and probably even the next one before he truly began to feel the effects.

Mikajia aimed his next rebound to send him right underneath the beasts; sending another blasting wave of light crashing into the creatures from almost point-blank range. The Horsemen may have been massive, but the force was still powerful enough to lift them off the ground and several feet into the air. As they rose into the air, Mikajia altered his course, sending him darting up past the beasts forms and towards the top of his dome of glowing platforms, taking yet another swipe at the beasts necks.

This is it. Mikajia thought as he reached the top platform and sent himself rocketing down for his final strike. Bringing both swords screaming down upon the beasts necks, as he shot for the ground with the force of a small meteor, he heard the satisfying squelch of head leaving body...times two, an instant before he slammed into the ground, leaving a crater several feet wide in diameter. Mikajia quickly ducked and rolled out of the way of the massive forms crashing back to the ground, a cloud of dust billowing up all around them from the gargantuan impact.

Mikajia coughed a couple times as he shook his head, trying to clear it of the dust. A second later, also canceling the draining of his blood by Shi no Tenshi, instantly causing the dozens of glowing platforms all around him to disappear. "Alright. That was fairly painless." He said a little breathlessly, and then glanced in the direction he knew the next two would be coming from before looking back over his shoulder at his two recent kills, and then grinning. "I really need to make it out here more often. Who knew such dull beasts could make for such great sport." Mikajia flicked his swords, sending a good portion of the Horsemen's blood flying off the blades and splattering to the ground below. "Welp, later beasties. You're buddies are calling my name." He said over his shoulder to the massive corpses, then hunched down and shot off for the street to the north which would lead him directly towards the next two Horsemen.

Just a couple of seconds after rounding the corner onto the street that would take him to head the creatures off, he heard the familiar clicking sound of heels speeding his way. Except, they didn't really sound like heels. If anything, it sounded like a couple chipmunks chittering angrily at each other. Mikajia stopped, skidding quickly to a halt, deciding to wait for the shorter noble to join him. "You know," He said, when the blond came to a halt next to him and then continued, "I realize that for the vertically challenged," Mikajia said, motioning with a hand at the word, sword still grasped, "heels might seem like a good idea. And hell, you've even managed to alter them to assist with your battle prowess. But, might I suggest choice of a thicker material next time? Perhaps then, your running might closer resemble that of galloping horses. Which, I imagine, would be much more intimidating than angry chittering chipmunks."

Mikajia was trying very hard to keep a straight face while he talked, leaning to one leg and resting one of his swords on his shoulder. "That's the sound your heels make when you run." He added, then simply stood there for a second before adding, "Chipmunks." He had almost cracked by this point, but was still managing to hold the grin and laughter in, so he decided to push it just a bit further, "You know," He said, cocking his head, and then looking towards the sky as if contemplating something, "I think I like the sounds of that. Yeah. I think that's what I'm going to start calling you now. Chipmunk, instead of Sally. How 'bout it?" He asked, looking back to Saleth, the smallest of grins finally beginning to poke out.

Word Count:
Normal Training Word Count: (3,286)
Weapons and Technique Training Word Count: (2,821)
Number of Horsemen Defeated: (5)

Blood Percentage:
Lucent Manifestation: Ricochet = 10%
Lucent Manifestation: Solar Wave = 9%
Mikajia's current blood percentage = 81%

Technique Cooldown:
Lucent Manifestation: Ricochet (2 posts)
Lucent Manifestation: Solar Wave (2 posts)

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Saleth blinked in surprise when Mikajia offered him a vial full of blood. He reached out and gently took the vial from the taller noble and said, "Thank you." The short noble popped it open and took a sip of the blood inside. A familiar sweet flavor erupted in his mouth as he gulped the blood down. Mikajia must have gave him his favorite type, O blood. He hummed in satisfaction before finishing his snack, making a mental note to thank the noble again later. He could feel his wounds start to heal thanks to the blood the tall noble gave him. He closed the vial and pocketed it right as the other noble drew his sword and said a command.

He eyed the platforms the noble had created that led all the way up to the roof of the building next to them. It was an interesting technique, perhaps he should try something like that with his ice in the future. He followed behind the other vampire and curiously looked around them as they climbed the square platforms. They were getting higher up in the air meaning their view was getting larger as well. He jumped off the platform and onto the roof, his heels clicking loudly as they made contact with the ground. He watched as his fellow noble walked down the lengths of the roof looking out in the distance for possibly more Horsemen.

He listened as the noble pointed out the locations of the remaining seven Horsemen, and how many were in each group. He carefully looked down at the streets below them, examining the Horsemen he was able to see. He looked back at his partner when the other noble started to discuss his plan with him. The short noble knew that any other higher ranking noble would be offended if a vampire of lower rank was ordering them around, but he didn't care about that. Mikajia always knew what he was talking about so he listened to what the younger noble was saying with calculating eyes. Sometimes in the past he would correct the noble in some places of his plans, but he didn't see any flaws with Mikajia's current plan so he didn't speak up.

Saleth started walking east to where the other noble had created those square platforms again to help him get to his targets. The short noble swiftly moved across the platforms and roofs till he found the group of two Horsemen he was searching for. He jumped up onto the ledge of the roof and drew Miteagus from its sheath. He clicked his heels three times and waited for them to shift into their combat form.

"Drink my blood, Miteagus." The sword was all too happy to sink its spikes into his hands, draining him of his crimson liquid. The short noble tightly grasped Miteagus in his hands before jumping off the roof, plummeting to the ground below where the two Horsemen were. He twisted his body as he fell so he could get in a position where the fall wouldn't harm him too much and angled Miteagus so it was facing the ground blade first. He used the force of impact Miteagus had when it sunk into the ground to bend his knees to absorb some of the impact he got when his feet dug into the ground. A crater appeared around him as spikes of ice shot up from the ground around him, some spikes going right through some of the Horsemen's legs. He stood back up and pulled Miteagus from the ground, turning to face his new opponents with a small smile. He pointed Miteagus at the sky right as the Horsemen finally noticed his presence and moved to attack him.

"Fluttering Snowflake," Ice shaped snowflakes formed around him like a barrier of ice. He pointed the glowing tip of his blade at the charging Horsemen and whispered with a deadly glint in his red eyes, "Attack." The snowflakes fluttered around him for a brief second after the order was given before shooting off towards the advancing creatures like rockets. The short noble jumped back a few paces when one of the creatures pulled through the storm of snowflakes he sent in its direction and tried to kick him. The ground shook under him when it's leg connected on the spot the short noble was standing just a second ago.

"This one is stronger." Saleth murmured quietly. This could be a problem unless he finished this quickly. Since he was focused on the Horseman in front of him he didn't notice the other one sneaking behind him till it was too late. The short noble winced when he felt something heavy collide with his side, the same side that was wounded earlier. He was sent flying through the air and bounced on the ground a couple of times before rolling to a stop. The noble groaned in pain before pushing himself back up, grabbing Miteagus from where he dropped it a few centimeters away. He looked up just in time to see another leg coming at him intending to crush him where he stood. The short noble swiftly rolled out of the way and jumped to his feet again when the leg made contact with the ground. He dug his heels into the ground and swung Miteagus through the air aiming for the leg. He heard the limb fall to the ground with a heavy thud and jumped up onto it, using it to jump up onto the Horseman that attempted to crush him like an ant.

He barely dodged a kick aimed at him from the other Horseman as he made his way up to the creature's neck. His heels dug into the creature beneath him and tore out of it violently with every step he took. He ignored the pain in his side he felt when he raised Miteagus once more to slice the Horseman's head right off. Ice was slowly encasing the spot the head once was and he could feel the creature twitch under him before crashing to the side, knocking over the other Horseman in the process. "Lucky me." The short noble smirked before taking a few running steps and jumped off the falling body onto the knocked over Horseman. The creature jerked violently beneath him when his heels sunk into it. The short noble regained his balance after nearly being knocked off due to the violent twitching the Horseman was having and raised Miteagus up, the blade pointing downward. He stabbed the sword down into the creature beneath him and held on as the Horseman jerked once more to try and throw the noble off.

He pushed the blade in deeper and was satisfied to see large spikes of ice shoot up from within the creature. He continued pushing the blade deeper causing more spikes to shoot up till the creature stopped moving.

He withdrew his sword from the dead Horseman and sheathed it after cleaning it of the Horsemen's blood. The short noble hopped down onto the ground and clicked his heels on the ground three times to change them back into their casual form. He wiped his own blood off his hand on his cloak before beginning his search for his partner. His heels clicked against the rough ground as he ran down the street where he was sure his partner was. His pace quickened when he spotted his partner and drew to a halt beside the taller vampire. He curiously looked at his partner when he started talking, scowling when Mikajia said 'vertically challenged.'

The short noble looked at the tall noble with a puzzled expression when the other noble said the sound his heels made resembled chipmunks. "I much prefer being called Sally." He narrowed his eyes at the younger noble before looking away with a thoughtful look. "...Chipmunks, huh?" The short noble mused before tapping the heels of his boots against the ground, listening to the sharp clicks they made. "Hm, heavier material just might help in battle but it could also slow down the speed of shifting modes..."


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"Aww." Mikajia said, his face turning into a mocking pout, "And here I was so hoping to call you chipmunk. Oh well." He sighed, turning to glance at the two Horsemen steadily getting closer. He looked back at Saleth when he mentioned heavier materials in the shoes would slow him down in battle. Mikajia bowed his head a little, closing his eyes as he chuckled a little, "It appears we still need to work on your sense of sarcasm a little. I wasn't being entirely serious," Then thought about it for a second before adding, "Except the sound. They really do sound like chipmunks arguing with each other as you run." He said, then turned to face the oncoming beats, swinging his swords around once, then cracked his neck. "Duty calls. Time for round four. Getting tired yet, old man?" He said, glancing sideways at the shorter noble, and grinning, "I'll understand if you need to take a break. Give you a chance to rest those weary bones of yours. Battle can be so tiring for the elderly." Mikajia looked back to the Horsemen, grinning even wider before crouching down, readying to pounce, saying before he did, "See ya on the flip side gramps."

The noble flew across the ground, quickly closing the remaining distance between himself and the Horseman of his choice. When he was within distance, Mikajia shot into the air, soaring for its head; spinning around, Mikajia brought his leg around connecting with the beast's head and sending it crashing into the side of the building adjacent to the beast. A massive leg came rushing towards him as he fell back to the ground. Mikajia however, wasn't caught unawares like he'd been before; quickly spinning around, he managed to crouch on the leg as the beast tried to kick him, using the massive momentum to send himself rocketing into the air. In the seconds as he was airborne Mikajia registered that this Horseman had far tougher skin than any of the others that he'd killed so far.

That's gonna be a nuisance. He thought as his mind worked through the best and fastest way to take down the monster. It took less than a second for him to formulate a plan, albeit a painful and risky one. He had already used two techniques prior to this fight, meaning he'd already taken a hit to his stamina, not to mention they still had one monstrous Horseman to deal with after these two. And that one would definitely take a decent toll on them. He would have to play this smart. Alright, time to test exactly how tough this beastie's skin is. He thought, just before he swung one of his swords, aiming to take a decent gash out of one of the Horseman's legs, only to find he was barely able to cut several inches into its leg.

Shit. Mikajia thought, immediately before taking a massive hit to his gut from the same leg he'd just cut. The attack sent him flying several meters and crashing into the ground, while also sending one of his swords clattering several feet across the street from him. Damn that hurt. Mikajia thought as he winced when he sat up, already feeling the pain of a shattered portion of his rib cage. His stamina was still high enough to allow him to heal the wound, but it would still take some time to heal a fractured bone, and he had a feeling he'd be taking more hits far too quickly to allow it to completely heal. Mikajia managed to make it to his feet in time to dodge the next attack aimed his way, but that merely sent him further away from his sword, Shi no Tenshi. He tried to make a dash for the sword while dodging another swipe from one of the monstrous legs, but a blast from one of the rare energy abilities the Horsemen sometimes possessed cut him off, as well as sent him crashing into the ground even farther away from his weapon. Though at least this time he still managed to keep hold of his other sword.

It would appear his previous plan was not going to be possible, and he would have to improvise. Mikajia much preferred to use his swords techniques while fighting than the simple physical boost that every first class vampire weapon possessed. The techniques allowed for far greater creativity, and his particular ones allowed for much greater mobility than most, which was what typically gave him such an edge in fights. However, he was backed into a corner so to speak. Quite frankly, Mikajia rarely ever used the boost simply because he found it to be a little too brutish for his taste. But more than that, in the events he ever had to use the boost, it meant his current level of skill and strength wasn't enough to get the job done. Which, for lack of a better phrase, pissed him the hell off.

"Fine." Mikajia spat out after finally getting back up on his feet, anger flooding his mind and completely distracting him from the pain screaming through his body, "Drink my blood, Fukushu no Tenshi." He commanded as the beast began to charge at him. As soon as the command was given, four spikes shot up through his left hand, immediately consuming some of his blood, and caused the entire blade of his sword to quickly turn an intense glowing crimson from the hilt to the tip. Mikajia stood his ground as the Horseman barreled down on him, aiming to smash him into the ground with another massive leg, this time however, Mikajia simply brought his sword up to meet the attacking leg, batting it out of the way with a simple flick of his wrist. His strike at the leg sent the limb flying backwards, as if he had swung at it with full force.

Each attack after that was exactly the same, the beast would make an attempt to strike him, but Mikajia simply batted each attack away with little more than a flick of his wrist. Next, the Horseman attempted to strike at his right side. However, Mikajia simply brought his right arm up, and without budging an inch, stopped the beast's attack in its tracks. Mikajia dug his fingers into the beast's skin with a vice-like grip, holding onto the leg with far more strength than the creature possessed. A second later, he swung Fukushu no Tenshi in an upward arc, stepping forward as he did, to cleanly sever the beasts leg from its body. Directly after that, the Horseman attempted to bombard him yet again with an energy blast. This time however, Mikajia quickly brought his sword up, blocking the brunt of the attack with the blade and sent the energy cascading around him.

"What a dull creature. You know nothing more than what your basic instincts tell you." He said as the Horseman attacked once more, only to lose that very limb with a simple strike of Mikajia's sword. Immediately after losing the limb it tried to attack his free side once more, only to have Mikajia bat it away with his right hand like an annoying fly, while also sending the beast staggering back several feet. "No real intelligence, no real purpose. You're nothing more than ignorant vermin. Such an existence is worth nothing more than pity." He said as he walked forward, disappearing a second later when the Horseman attacked with another energy blast, reappearing almost instantly in the air next to the monster's side where he landed a kick; the attack powerful enough to lift the beast off the ground and send it crashing into the building adjacent to it.

"Let's end this. I grow tired of dealing with a bug like you." Mikajia said as the Horseman frantically tried to dig itself out of the side of the building, then angrily charged at the noble. Its next strikes were its last; Mikajia fluidly twisting and dodging each one, while smoothly striking and swiping at the beast with Fukushu no Tenshi, each swing of his sword either dismembering the monster bit by bit, or gouging out large chunks of the Horseman's skin. His attacks eventually leaving the Horseman a heaping limbless form on the street. And yet, somehow, the beast still seemed to be intent on trying to attack Mikajia, despite its lack of extremities to do so. But it was pointless, because a second after the Horseman attempted to make one last ditch effort to do him in, Mikajia jumped, soaring towards and then past its massive head and cleanly slicing through the beast's neck as he did. After landing on the ground behind the creature, Mikajia turned to watch the head begin to slide forward on the neck before eventually falling cleanly off, and crashing to the ground below.

Mikajia canceled the boost of his sword then, feeling the spikes retreat back into the handle of his sword. He sheathed Fukushu no Tenshi back in its scabbard on his back as he walked around the massive form of the dead Horseman, heading back to where he knew Shi no Tenshi lay on the ground. As he made his way back to his sword he realized it was rather silent in the street, finally noticing then that he had been the last one to finish off his target. He chuckled to himself as he thought about the shit he'd probably be given for being last, especially after what he'd said to Saleth before starting this last fight. After finally making it back to where Shi no Tenshi lay on the ground and sheathing it, Mikajia stretched his chest and rolled his shoulders wincing a little at his soreness, but feeling grateful in a way that he hadn't been able to use any of his techniques this time around. Because of that, he was still able to heal properly, which was definitely helpful with over five broken bones throughout his torso.

Mikajia finally started for his partners location, sighing as he did. "Go ahead. Say it. I know you want to." Mikajia said, when he came around the second dead Horseman that had been Saleth's target and saw him standing there waiting.

Word Count:
Normal Training Word Count: (4,211)
Weapon and Technique Training Word Count: (3,609)
Number of Horsemen Defeated: (6)

Blood Percentage:
Mikajia's Current Blood Percentage: 81%

Technique Cooldown:
Lucent Manifestation: Ricochet (1 post)
Lucent Manifestation: Solar Wave (1 post)

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Saleth bristled when Mikajia started taunting him by calling him old. He wasn't that old! He was only 204 years of age making him one of the youngest nobles. But, he was older than Mikajia by at least two centuries. He fumed silently as the younger noble continued on with his taunts before darting away to engage one of the Horsemen in battle. "Gramps...?" He muttered under his breath as he walked towards the other Horseman. He drew Miteagus from its sheath and glared at the creature in front of him that was still ignoring his presence.

"Time to die," The short noble dug his feet into the ground beneath him and used it to boost his speed when he darted straight at it. He swung Miteagus right at the nearest leg expecting it to cut all the way through it, sadly it did not. He blinked in surprise when Miteagus was stopped almost a quarter of the way in, forcing him to come to a stop in order not to lose his grip on his sword. "Tough skin? What a bother..." The short noble hissed as he wrenched Miteagus free from the leg just in time to get swatted aside by another of the creature's many legs.

He skidded to a stop a couple feet away and groaned at the pain that was erupting in his body. He pushed himself back up onto his knees and realized that Miteagus wasn't in his hands. "Where...?!" He desperately looked around for his weapon and saw it laying on the ground near him. He saw a shadow come over him and looked up to see one of the creature's legs coming down upon him. He quickly rolled out of the way in the direction of his sword and snatched it up. He jumped to his feet and turned towards the leg that attempted to crush him. "Drink my blood, Miteagus." The familiar pain he felt in his hand told him that his sword was greedily drinking his blood while giving him more power.

If he couldn't slice off limbs with just normal power, how about when Miteagus is giving him a boost? The silver haired noble smirked and ran forward towards the leg with Miteagus ready to strike. Grunting, the short noble sliced the leg off and heard it fall to the ground with a satisfying thud. "Now the game has truly begun." He faced the angry Horseman and pointed his sword at it as it charged at him again. He jumped up onto the leg that the creature was using to try and kick him again and stabbed Miteagus down into the limb. He dragged Miteagus through the creature while he ran up the length of the limb, all while watching as small spikes of ice erupted from the trail he was leaving behind. He knew he usually always used this method to take down the Horsemen, but it was such an efficient method to use. He used different methods for those that would pose a challenge for him to defeat, however Horsemen were just mindless beasts. They were only good for target practice in his opinion and not worth the effort of using more advanced techniques.

He pulled Miteagus out of the creature when he reached its neck and stabbed the blade right into the creature's neck. He pushed Miteagus in deeper and waited. Soon enough a spike of ice erupted from the other side of the Horseman's neck followed by a couple smaller spikes. The Horseman shuddered beneath him for a few moments before slowly collapsing to the ground.

The short noble withdrew Miteagus and pushed it back into its sheath before jumping off the dead Horseman and back onto solid ground. He heard it fall to the ground in a lifeless heap behind him. "Hm?" The short noble turned his head when he heard fighting and saw that Mikajia was still locked in a fight with the Horseman he picked. "And after all those taunts," The short noble smirked and quietly watched the rest of his partner's fight. He calmly watched as the other noble finally finished the creature and went to retrieve his fallen sword from where it laid. Red eyes glimmered with humor when the noble finally walked over to him and said to go ahead and say it.

"There is a reason why I lived this long," The short noble placed his uninjured left hand on his hip as he smirked up at the taller noble. "You should remember not to underestimate me, youngling."


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"Youngling?" Mikajia said, smirking himself as he rolled his eyes, then sighed, "True enough." Before he could say anything else, his attention was grabbed by the deep and rumbling booms echoing through the city blocks. "Well, I do believe that's our que. Big momma is about to make her entrance. We don't want to keep her waiting." He said, his voice filled with that all too familiar battle lust; a predatory smirk covering his face. "You ready? The winner of our little wager will be decided soon. And I most definitely won't be holding back." He said, and then grinned as he glanced at Saleth. He turned his eyes back towards the direction of the beast a second later, his eyes and grin softening up as he said, "I've never underestimated you Saleth, or thought little of you. I see and recognize your skill and potential. I admire you in many ways. I just figured you should know that." He said before stepping forward and readying himself to sprint off. "Let's go."

Mikajia shot off down the street a second later, heading directly for the final Horseman. Their plan had been to flank the creature in hopes of taking it down quickly. He would attack the creature head on, while Saleth would attack from behind. His ability to land crucial internal hits, mixed with Mikajia's ability to land multiple hits quickly while also disorienting the creature should prove to be a lethal mixture. However, he also figured this Horseman would be an opponent equal in difficulty to all of the previous opponents combined. It's how his mind worked, automatically jumping to the worst case scenario. However, if he was right, that meant he could easily press himself too far if he wasn't careful. It would be absolutely essential that he play this smart, and reserve his costly abilities for the most dire of situations.

Seconds later, Mikajia arrived at the street the monstrous Horseman was progressing down. He slowly let his eyes travel up to the beast's head, making something of a grunt as he did, "I feel puny. You are one big bastard you know that?" He said, obviously knowing he'd receive no response. The Horseman couldn't be anything less than sixty feet tall, dozens of massive razor sharp fangs, easily the size of a full grown man's torso, stuck out of its gaping mouth; eight legs, each one easily fifteen feet tall and eight feet wide, strung along the length of its body which could not have been any less than thirty-five feet long. Two monstrous wings, each twenty feet long and twelve feet wide, protruded from its back. It was absolutely gargantuan, and Mikajia believed that it would be no less dangerous once it set its sights on him after he got the things attention. Good thing he had an easy and useful way to do so.

"Alright big momma. Let's rumble." Mikajia said as he reached back and drew his swords. He already knew from looking that this one had the toughest skin of all the Horsemen they'd faced so far, so he wasn't even going to bother testing it. His job right now, was just trying to distract the thing long enough for Saleth to manage to make a crucial strike and heavily wound the thing. "Drain my blood, Fukushu no Tenshi, Shi no Tenshi." Mikajia said, instantly causing several small spikes to shoot into the palms of both of his hands and start to drain his blood. He would start simple, a mixture of distraction and hindrance. "Solar Flare." He said, lifting Shi no Tenshi into the air and watching as the wisps of golden light coalesced into a large sphere of glowing light just before zipping quickly into the air. The ball of light stopped ascending just below thirty meters. Just seconds before Solar Flare flooded the entire area with light, Mikajia muttered, "Climate Control."

The bright icy blue flames quickly appeared around him, then shot out extending to a thirty-meter radius to create a massive dome, able to easily encompass the massive Horseman. What's more, the ground was instantly covered in a layer of ice several inches thick, while the air plummeted to negative sixty degrees. The only people or creatures within the dome that wouldn't be affected by the temperature, would be those Mikajia viewed as allies. Meaning Saleth would be perfectly fine within the dome. The temperature within Mikajia's Climate Control, would quickly hamper the beast's movement, as well as eventually start to freeze the Horseman's skin, making it more and more brittle with time. The ice on the ground would also only serve to hinder the Horseman, designed to feel and act just like natural ground to Mikajia and his allies. The final trait of this technique, provided a boost to his endurance, making him all the harder to injure while within the dome.

Less than a second after the flames extended to their full proximity, the glowing sphere of light, his Solar Flare technique, flooded the entire dome with blindingly bright white light. The light would cause temporary blindness for several seconds, and even after the blindness wore off, it would still greatly hinder its vision while the technique lasted. Both he and Saleth would be perfectly fine within the light, unaffected by its brightness. On top of that, Mikajia would receive a temporary boost to his speed while he stayed within the technique's area of effect.

One last one. Mikajia thought determinedly as his techniques kicked in and began to affect the Horseman. "Shining Reaper Blade." He said, jumping out of the way of one of the massive legs that shot his way as the monster began to try and get away from the cold and the light. Bright gold light encased his sword again, but this time wrapped itself closer to the blade, just before extending up to the hilt and then past it, forming a long staff with a large scythe at the end, attached to the butt of the hilt of his sword. Not only did he now technically have three weapons, the light enveloping the blade of his sword honed the blade, and produced the scythe blade with an already honed edge. He could easily cut through stone with these blades now. That meant he'd actually be able to do some decent damage to the beast. However, he was still counting on Saleth to make the first crucial wound, and quickly.

Mikajia heard the Horseman screech loudly as he dodged another attack from a gigantic leg. He smirked, knowing Saleth must have started attacking the creature from behind. And with it still suffering the temporary blindness the Horseman wouldn't have a clue what was going on. On top of that, it was having a hell of a time not slipping on the ice each time it tried to escape or attack. Its weight made it easier for it to not completely slide around all over the place, letting it cause large craters to appear in the ground each time it took a step, but it had already managed to slip a few times and crash into the buildings on either side of it. He knew their luck wouldn't keep up though, as its blindness would be wearing off in the next couple seconds, and once that happened, its flailing would then turn to aimed strikes. And with those gigantic legs, it would undoubtedly be painful if they hit.

He knew the moment its blindness finally lifted, cause right at that moment, Mikajia was busy dodging a massive energy blast. Thankfully he was still under the light, so Mikajia was able to use his speed boost to quickly slip out of the way. But even then, he was within inches of the beam when he dodged, and watched as a huge crater was quickly blasted into the ground. As Mikajia continued to slide away, he spun Shi no Tenshi, flipping the weapon around and slicing a large chunk, at least three inches deep, out of a leg as he passed by. He could use the ice to slip around and aid his fighting if he wanted, but at the same time, it would work as natural ground if he needed, it was entirely dependent on his need. And the same would be for Saleth.

As Mikajia tried to make another pass at the same leg he'd just cut, another leg managed to worm its way over and cut his path off. He was able to dodge the attack, but only to then get caught by an energy blast. Mikajia was able to bring the scythe blade around in time to guard himself and lessen the brute force of the blast; however, not even a second after guarding from the attack, a large leg was sent his way, aiming to land a damaging blow to his side. Mikajia's senses picked up on the ambushing attack, allowing him to alter his guard, just soon enough to take the brunt of the attack with little damage. But it was clear now, even with his speed and endurance boosted by his techniques, it still wasn't enough. He needed more.

As he crashed into the side of a building, Mikajia heard the beast give another screech. Whatever Saleth was doing was definitely harming the thing, however, it still didn't seem to be incapacitating the creature in the slightest. That meant Saleth still needed more time. "Alright then, dammit." He said, as he pulled himself out of the crater in the side of the building, caused by his body. Then a second later stated, "Drink my blood, Fukushu no Tenshi, Shi no Tenshi." Then watched as the blades of both of his swords quickly turned an intense crimson red after four larger spikes also shot into his hands and drank even more of his blood, symbolizing the increase to his physical abilities. This, combined with the boosts his two techniques were giving him, meant his speed and endurance were now three times greater than before, while the rest of his skills were now twice what they had just been.

A massive leg came hurtling towards his location, but to Mikajia, the beast might as well have been standing still. And over the course of the next couple seconds, Mikajia, fast as a bullet, landed several deep gashes over the beast's body and legs. During this time, Mikajia caught sight of several other wounds left along its rear legs and back, large chunks of ice sticking out of the wounds. He also saw Saleth in the process of landing yet another attack when he disappeared to continue his own attack, waiting for the other noble to severely incapacitate the thing, so he could actually make a decent assault. As it was right now, the Horseman was still far too mobile, and had too many defenses for Mikajia to do any decent damage to its vital spots.

He could tell though, when the cold was finally getting to the Horseman, and starting to affect its movements, as well as seep into its skin and make it brittle. The Horseman's movements were becoming sluggish and much slower than normal. This meant that now was the prime opportunity for Saleth to make his move. For now, as he waited for that perfect moment, Mikajia stuck with landing as many deep gashes that he could on the beast, and managing to take out three of its legs in the process.

Do it now Saleth. He thought urgently, hoping he wouldn't have to wait any longer. All he needed was one quick moment, and he would be able to bring them much closer to victory.

Word Count:
Normal Training Word Count: (4,691)
Weapon and Technique Training Word Count: (5,079)
Number of Horsemen Defeated: (6)

Blood Percentage:
Lucent Manifestation: Solar Flare (In Effect=5%)
Lucent Manifestation: Shining Reaper Blade (In Effect=6%)
Boreal Flames: Climate Control (In Effect=6%)
Mikajia's Current Blood Percentage: 64%

Technique Cooldown:
There are 0 techniques currently on cooldown.


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Midnight Madness Empty Re: Midnight Madness

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:04 am

Saleth turned his attention down the street when he heard big booms coming closer. The last one was coming closer. He readied Miteagus and was about to run down the street when Mikajia's words stopped him. He watched as Mikajia darted away, heading straight for where the booms were coming from, with wide eyes. No vampire or human has ever said they admired him before. Common vampires were cautious of him because of his rank and higher ranking nobles looked down at him because of his age. When he was human he was too focused on raising his sisters to have any free time and most people pitied him for that. "Full of surprises, aren't you?" He mumbled before softly smiling. He ran after the taller noble and caught up with him in a heartbeat, stopping at his side.

The short noble frowned at the sight of the new Horseman who was incredibly much larger than the others they killed. "How do you think I feel?" He grumbled to Mikajia's comment on feeling puny. He looked down at his sword and commanded, "Drink my blood, Miteagus." The Horseman's skin looked tough so it would be hard to cut, even with Miteagus drinking his blood. The short noble ran off to the side to get behind the Horseman. He skidded to a stop right as the ground beneath him turned to ice. He curiously examined the ice and took a few steps to test it. "Hm, Mikajia must be using that technique." He muttered when he saw that he could still walk normally instead of slipping and sliding on the ice. He blinked as a blinding light filled the area, another one of Mikajia's techniques since he wasn't at all bothered by the light. He watched as the Horseman flailed around for a while before holding his sword right in front of him.

"Mark of the Snow Maiden." His sword vibrated in his hands for a brief moment before stilling. He glanced back at the Horseman and shot forward. He managed to cut a few inches deep into one of its legs thanks to the boost he got from Miteagus. Right where he cut a pure white snowflake mark formed over the area. He jumped to the side to avoid an attack from another of its legs and jumped up onto the creature. He left a deep cut on its back and watched as another mark formed over the area. "One more to go," He muttered and shot up the length of the creature right to its neck. Miteagus only went a few inches deep thanks to the tough skin, but that was enough. The last snowflake mark formed over the cut he left on its neck. He smirked before frowning when the creature jerked under him. He was thrown off balance and tumbled down the side of the creature landing roughly on the ground.

"Damn..." He grunted as he pushed himself back up to his feet. He turned around just in time to see another heavy leg coming straight for him to land a devastating blow. Thinking fast, he stabbed Miteagus into the ground in front of him. "Icy Domain." A sheet of ice swiftly circled around him and rose to create a barrier around him with the short noble in the middle of the sphere. He winced when the leg made contact with the barrier making it shudder under its weight. Fortunately, it didn't shatter. Unfortunately, the creature tried again. Though this time it completely missed the icy domain because it was still blinded by the light and kept on sliding around on the ice.

He pulled Miteagus from the ground which made the ice shatter around him. He brushed some of the ice off him and started attacking again. Even though he couldn't cut deeply his ability allowed him to cause spikes of ice to form inside the creature before tearing out of the Horseman. Pretty soon the Horseman's back had multiple spikes in it from his attacks. He briefly glanced towards one of his marks and saw that the ice was slowly forming as expected. Just a little longer and he could activate his next technique. He hoped that the Horseman would still be distracted by then. He dug his heels into the ice getting ready to jump at the creature to cut it once more when he saw a leg coming right at him from the corner of his vision.

He imminently shifted his position to try and block it and grunted when the side of his blade made contact with the leg. His left hand was pressed against the flat of the blade to help blunt the attack. He was forced back by a couple feet with his heels cutting into the ice leaving a trail. He may be strong but the Horseman had a lot of weight that helped with its attacks. He tried to push the leg back but found that he couldn't, the Horseman was overpowering him. His arms started to shake from the overwhelming force the creature had and gritted his teeth. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Mikajia taking out some of its legs. He glanced at the creature and saw that it seemed sluggish, something that was verified with the way the Horseman was leaning against his blade.

His heels dug even more into the ice below as he tried not to get crushed by the leg. If he let up for even one second he could get crushed like an ant.  Red eyes glanced over to the mark that was on one of its legs and saw that the circle of ice around the snowflake had grown a bit larger. Now would be a good time, not as effective as he wanted but he couldn't be picky in this situation. "Snow Maiden's Fury." He said through gritted teeth. The snowflake marks glowed a bright blue and the ice that it formed exploded. The Horseman jerked violently at gaping holes it now had in its leg, back, and neck. He winced when the jerk seemed to put more pressure on his blade, and his eyes widened in shock when he heard a loud snap.

He fell backward and hit the ice roughly, somehow still keeping Miteagus in blocking position. He barely had a chance to see what happened to make him fall before the enormous weight was back. The heel of his right boot had snapped in half. "Y-You have got to be...k-kidding me!" The short noble hissed through clenched teeth as he struggled to keep himself from being crushed. The Horseman, weak as it may be, seemed to know that he was the cause of its new wounds and was focused on crushing him. The ice beneath him cracked a bit due to the weight that was being pressed against it.


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Midnight Madness Empty Re: Midnight Madness

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:44 pm

Mikajia heard the eruptions, knowing Saleth had finally managed to make his move. Here we go. Mikajia thought, readying to make his final move. But a quick dodge from one of the Horseman's legs brought him in view of Saleth's situation. His eyes widened for the breath of a second, just before he disappeared in a blink, reappearing on the side of the building adjacent to the leg currently in the process of trying to squish Saleth. Mikajia bounded off the building, shooting himself towards the creature and slamming his shoulder into the leg, using his full force to lift the leg off Saleth, as well as send the massive Horseman skidding nearly three meters. Time to finish this. He thought as he fell back from his attack, then activated his final technique, "Ricochet."

The entire area within the dome was filled with strategically placed glowing platforms, placed to give him the best angles for crucial blows. He had first activated Climate Control to boost his endurance while slowing down the Horseman. Second Mikajia activated Solar Flare to hinder the beast's vision while also boosting his speed. Third he activated Shining Reaper Blade to hone his weapon's edge allowing him to make more lethal cuts. Fourth, Mikajia activated his weapons' natural boost, increasing all of his stats. And finally he activated Ricochet, his ace. He had designed it to maximize upon his strength, speed, and accuracy. Truth be told, with the stack of abilities he had going right now, he could probably finish the thing off himself, however, doing so himself even with his boosts, would still take too long. He could definitely feel the massive drain on him now, and could tell that he was quickly approaching half his blood level. It would be exceedingly dangerous to drag things on at this rate.

Mikajia zoned his senses in on the beast, locating all of the platforms throughout the dome, and calculating each of his strikes as he fell. When he was roughly six feet from the ground another platform formed just below him. And that's when he began. It took a couple seconds to get his speed up to the point that he needed; sending himself bounding from platform to platform through the area, and not attacking yet, waiting till he reached the speed he needed. When he finally did reach that point, his movements could barely be followed, flying through the area like a blur. With the proper velocity reached, Mikajia started his final assault, and started off with a decent strike; the first blow fast and powerful enough to cleanly slice off one of the Horseman's wings.

Each and every single attack after that, either severed a limb, a wing, or landed lethal strikes all over its body. His final strike would be to remove one last leg, successfully making it impossible for the beast to properly move. It could still manage to attack them, still having a few limbs, and the ability to send energy blasts their way, so the situation wasn't completely without its danger. However, he could no longer continue, and quickly reappeared by Saleth's side, just before falling to one of his knees, and propping himself up with Fukushu no Tenshi. He was gasping for breath, his heart beating rapidly, while his throat burned.

He would need blood very soon, otherwise his hunger would only grow stronger. Mikajia finally canceled all of the techniques currently draining his blood then. The dome disappeared, the ice covering the ground quickly melting away; the light flooding the area quickly diminishing, the platforms blinking out, his sword Shi no Tenshi returned to a normal sword, and both of his blades reverted to their normal color. "Sorry. I couldn't risk holding out any longer. My blood level has already reached a dangerous limit. However, you should be able to finish this easily. Just..." His words were cut off as he swallowed and took a few more deep breaths, "Try to not make me look too bad now, ya know?" He said, and then chuckled breathlessly. He couldn't help it, it was his nature. Even if he was on his death bed, literally seconds from dying, Mikajia would still likely find it in him to joke about something or make a sarcastic remark.

"I'll just," He started, then plopped back on his butt, propping himself up with his arms behind him, and closed his eyes as he sighed, "Rest over here for a bit. You can go and take care of Big Momma now. Hop to it." He said while making a shooing motion to Saleth in the direction of Big Momma before grinning widely. And watched as Saleth successfully killed the Horseman. "Woo." He said tiredly as he let his back fall to the ground, lifting an arm up in the air and giving a thumbs up to Saleth, as he said, "Good job." Mikajia let his arm fall back to the ground as he said, "And just in time for the choppers too, it appears." He said as he noticed the lout beating of the blades as the machines came closer. "And no, I haven't forgotten about our wager." Mikajia said with his eyes closed, already knowing Saleth would eventually mention it, "You'll get your free meal, as promised."

Word Count:
Normal Training Word Count: (5,022)
Weapon and Technique Training Word Count: (5,630)
Number of Horsemen Defeated: (7)

Stat Point Tally:
Stat Point ratio for Normal training= 1/100 words
Normal training word count= 5,022
Stat points awarded for normal training: (50)

Stat Point ratio for Weapon training= 5/100 words
Weapon training word count= 5,630
Stat points awarded for weapon training: (280)

Stat points awarded for defeating Horsemen: (70)

Total Stat Points awarded for completed training thread: (400)

Technique Approval Word Count:
Required word count for complete approval of all techniques from beginning to current level: 5,600

Weapon and Technique training word count: 5,630 (Completed)


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Midnight Madness Empty Re: Midnight Madness

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:26 pm

Saleth sighed in relief when the pressure was finally lifted off him. He sat up and saw that Mikajia had managed to get the leg off him. The short noble looked down at his broken heel and frowned. He couldn't fight with a broken heel since it would throw his balance off. He couldn't afford to be off balance in this battle. He placed Miteagus on the ground next to him and pulled his boots off leaving him barefoot. He threw his boots to the side and grabbed Miteagus and stood up. He turned to look at the Horseman and saw that it was heavily damaged during the time he was taking his boots off.

He glanced towards Mikajia when the other noble appeared at his side panting. He looked around them when the taller noble canceled all his techniques and watched as the ice disappeared beneath their feet. He glanced back towards his partner when he asked the short noble not to make him look bad. "Just stay here and don't move," The short noble looked back at the Horseman and grasped Miteagus tightly in both hands.

The silver haired noble darted forward like a bullet, ignoring the hard ground beneath his feet. The Horseman was weak so it was easy for the short noble to jump on it without any serious problems and made his way to the gaping wound in its neck caused by his technique. Red eyes narrowed on their target and swung Miteagus forward aiming for that wound. His sword easily slid inside the creature thanks to the wound that was already there. His sword vibrated in his hand for a split second and a spike of ice teared through the top of its head reaching for the sky. That was the largest spike he made today, with it easily measuring twenty feet.

He pulled Miteagus out of the creature as it shuddered before collapsing under him. He moved down the length of the creature and jumped off it to land on the ground some ways away from Mikajia. He sheathed his sword and walked to stand next to his partner who was laying on the ground. The tall noble had his eyes closed as he said he would get his free meal. "Before that, we should finish our task." The short noble left Mikajia's side to retrieve his boots before coming back with his boots in his hands. He looked at the choppers that were steadily growing larger as they came nearer and looked back down at the other noble with a small smile. "Then we should find a human for you to drink from. I can't have my partner dying on me, now can I?"

((End of thread.))


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Midnight Madness Empty Re: Midnight Madness

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