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Post by Guest on Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:29 am

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The Tatari  Latest?cb=20120915140037
Name: Tatari
Nickname: The Thirteenth, the Living Phenomenon, Night of Wallachia
Age: Around 500 years old, no older than 630 (Given it takes place in 2015)
Birth Date: Unknown
Gender: Genderless (Originally Male)
Race: Vampire
Special Characteristics: 
The Tatari is known to be a curse that travels across the world, appearing to become some kind of phenomena. It is formless, shapeless, the entity known as Tatari is usually seen as a gaseous being of black mist whereas the black mist that forms the core is actually malignant information made visible into a kind of energy. The physical form of the Tatari would be a figure with a hazy black appearance that would make it look like some kind of shadow and will take on a full defined appearance once it acquires the malignant information it needs. Of course it requires a physical form to anchor the manifestations across the populace which is why its being maintained by the core.

The Core of the Tatari, solely responsible for materializing manifestations, is an entity in a shape of a black ball as it takes on a four dimensional appearance and is mistaken as a black hole. 
The Tatari  Fotor037

Prime's Personality
The Current Prime is known to be artistic and creative, before contributing the enforcement of the Laplace Principle, he was an artist much like his siblings. He went mad after he found that, no matter how much he searched, that there was no way for humanity to avoid its destruction. His greatest wish became to create a future even he cannot predict. In his madness, he has accepted that the end of the world, following a desperate struggle to live on, is not true destruction but instead a conclusion.

He has taken to equating his role as TATARI to that of a director putting on a play. He frequently refers to different "acts", the "stage", and the "audience" when describing his massacres. He likes to put on theatrical speeches while conversing with others. While he generally displays a calm and stoic demeanor, he is prone to go into fits of ranting insanity where he shows blood red eyes that leak blood just from being open. He has lost himself in his madness, but has embraced it at the same time, having decided to enjoy the end of the world at his leisure.

He likes to play around with his manifestations, and he greatly prefers female bodies to those of males because he thinks drinking blood in a woman's body is a necessity for the climax of the scenario. He hasn't had a woman's body for a long time due to being unable to choose his form.

He greatly enjoys slaughter and the ironically tragic deaths his manifestations are able to cause in some cases. He cruelly likes to mock people by exploiting their deepest flaws and fears before tearing them apart.

The Nature of Tatari
The Tatari is known to take on many forms as well as numerous shapes, preferably figures that represent the direst anxieties of an individual. If we are to look at Tatari as a person, Tatari is nothing short but a shapeshifter, the Tatari’s form materializes without a vessel and only made out from the beliefs of other people.

Having been cursed with vampiric impulses, it is necessary for that Tatari to actively hunt but only during the nights it can manifest (Specifically under the full moon). After spending centuries, the Tatari had grown accustomed to his new way of life, turning into the most feared personification of a popular rumor and murdering those who created it or the original rumor itself.  

Tatari in general lacked individuality and can only be considered as a phenomenon by those who notice and feels his presence. Tatari in general is not a demon but the forces involved in the process of occurrence could be considered an ability a demon can have, which is to say that Tatari cannot be classified as either Vampire or demon but rather Tatari simply just exists. 


 Prime himself loved all kinds of arts especially drama to be exact. The specific kind of drama he prefers would be something that would involve the Tatari itself but even without the Tatari, slaughter is an exception for that it was considered to be the “Best kind of drama”

Malignant Information or Rumors
If the Tatari wishes to take form then it must cloth itself in rumors in order to do so. Malignant Information, rumors, myths, cultural legends or popular beliefs can be more than enough to materialize a manifestation. 

Small villages with pure beliefs
Malignant information can be extracted from a small populace with one common belief. An example of such would be “Under the Crimson moon, three children be born, one of them will devour the other two and become a vampire that will bring terror to everyone around it.” Realization of such belief as well as taking form of that belief will bring forth a drama favorable to the Tatari.


What is not part of the Script
More or less, Prime doesn't like surprises or extraneous variables that comes into the equation of the Tatari's work, a simple mistake can completely prove his calculations and movesets irrelevant as Prime doesn't usually make mistakes. 

As a former Scientist and a theorist, Prime hates the narrow-mided, people who refuses to go over the other side of the coin, people who cannot comprehend his work and art as well as those who think they can outlast the Tatari. 

Interference from other Vampires or variables that can mess with the abstract
As a vampire, Prime does not appreciate other Vampires to interfering with his work, at least uninvited. He feels hostility towards his fellow brethren and loathes the existence of demons. Though he can be generous into giving his fellow vampires "feed" Prime is someone who cannot accept nuisances or any interlopers in his territory, as Tatari would usually create a boundary field in a populated area whereas he collects malignant information, the idea of another vampire or a demon coming to the equation puts him in a sense of discomfort, however its compensated when Tatari performs its purpose.


The Destruction of Humanity
After having discovered a horrible future, he gaze witness to several wars that plunged all of humanity into chaos, the greatest fear for the Tatari in general is having to fade along with humanity for that as long as humanity stands, the Tatari will remain.

Unable to find the answer
Prime's greatest fear... his greatest failure to achieving the answer to prevent the destruction of humanity, the desolation of the world through unnecessary wars as well as the 66th cornerstone being fulfilled that in which this case allows Tatari to bring chaos to the world and damaging all aspects of "communication" between intellectual beings.


What he considers Art
Prime loves all kinds of art, may it be visual representations, musical and simply phenomenal regardless of its culture. Art was one of the few things that had kept his sanity, his appreciation and comprehension for art completely puts Prime in a trance to which the memories of his childhood, to which he never knew the end of humanity through the Laplace principle, would comfort him everyday. If luck were to have it, if the full moon were to appear during broad daylight, Prime can make its appearance but only Prime can manifest under the full moon during the day.

An audience
“I’m a scriptwriter who orchestrates how a play is going to turn out. If the play is a success, the audience will forever tell tales of such display of art and therefore will beg for an encore.” ~ Prime

To find the answer
Though the Tatari maybe a living phenomenon that could spell doom for others, there was another reason why it gathers information. It’s actually possible to find such answer and believed it will one day sprout like a new plant that represents hope. 

The Nature of the Tatari itself
 There were many benefits that the Tatari has given him, immortality having been an existence not from a reality, having to hear all kinds of information and stories and much more. It can also benefit others who understand the concept of the Living Phenomenon itself.

The Tatari  Fotor038

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 67 kg

General Appearance

The Tatari  NightofWallachia-TATARI
Prime's Apperance
 Originally he was a tall mesomorph with a fair muscular built which he hides under a set of clothes that would make him look like a vampiric renaissance man or something that a conductor would wear given his artistic personality, Prime is naturally blonde with hair that reaches down his neck and was naturally born with Red pupils even before becoming a vampire as well as his choice of clothes.
 The part about him having a cape was after becoming a vampire as he was usually never fond of wearing one before.

The Tatari  139WGZDncrfBh3oHN8aVvfe-TmHDH5-P1Rs8yj_enhM

The Tatari's Apperance
Primarily the Tatari would appear as a gaseous body of Black mist. The Black mist is actually “Malignant Information” materialized as an essence. Malignant Information is then used to construct a manifestation of the Tatari to which it would take its appearance as a personified entity of the rumors it collects from a populated area. The process of collecting Malignant information can be harvested in any time of the day or night. The presence of the Tatari is unlike most vampires as its only known to be more of a curse than an actual one unlike its Prime, the only way to know that the Tatari would be active or visible is by simple receiving the feeling of “De va ju” even though natural symptoms to receive that feeling does not show in one’s daily life. Another way to know of the Tatari’s presence is by looking up towards the full moon, only in a specific area where one stands from, they can see a faint manic expression on the moon which quickly fades a few seconds after directly looking at it. By far only humans receive the strongest sense of De va ju besides demons and other vampires.  

As the Tatari's physical form are usually manifestations change according to the rumors, the physical form of the Tatari would be a figure with a hazy black appearance that would make it look like some kind of shadow and will take on a full defined appearance once it acquires the malignant information it needs. Of course it requires a physical form to anchor the manifestations across the populace which is why its being maintained by the core.

The Tatari  180?cb=20121120181748&format=webp

The Core
The Core of the Tatari, solely responsible for materializing manifestations, is an entity in a shape of a black ball as it takes on a four dimensional appearance and is mistaken as a black hole. 

Manifestations of the Tatari

There are several kinds of manifestations of the Tatari:

The Doppelganger 
 The Doppelganger manisfestations of the Tatari take on the appearance of a specific person who’s famous among rumors or lies and goes around seeking individuals who learned of the rumor, heard of the rumor or started it but of course anything the Doppelganger sees will be targeted immediately. Becoming a popular person among rumors isn’t the only condition, another alternative is when someone has a strong feeling of “Belief” whether it maybe out of anger, fear or joy or any other emotion that goes into strongly believing that a person could “BE”.

The Memory 
This kind of manifestation only appears as people who are supposed to be “DEAD” and is still a popular social topic today.

Prime can sometimes become any of the manifestations of the Tatari however defeating Prime as a manifestation doesn’t apply to the conditions of Prime completely dissipating into the Tatari as a “Memory”.  The only way one can tell Prime is wearing a manifested rumor is that the personified entity would have “Vampiric Impulses”. Prime can only be truly defeated under the Crimson Moon, nothing more and nothing less.

Otherwise known as a rumor that isn’t based on an individual, rather it can be an omen, a superstition or any kind of taboo. These were known as incomplete manifestations, that take form of a phantom like figure, created to eliminate individuals under the concept of those beliefs.

These are not “Fully Matured” rumors that cannot acquire the potential of becoming a social trend to which they were just an idea that had only died down recently, whether it maybe a person or a curse, statics can either have a phantom life figure similar to Personified manifestations or a complete one with a defined appearance, they are the weakest manifestations that can easily be taken down by a skilled human. The only thing dangerous about Statics is that they can instill “Suggestion” increasing their target’s paranoia into believing in the manifestation. Once a static has been “Truly believed” they mature and become either one of the other manifestations.

The Tatari  Fotor039

Stats Tiers (Prime)

Speed:  5 (Target Tier VII or above)
Stamina:3 (Target Tier ?)
Strength: 5 (Target Tier V)
Reaction: 3 (Tier IV)
Perception:3 (Taget Tier V)
Accuracy: 7 (Target Tier VII or above)
Endurance: 4 (Target Tier IV)

Fact: Tatari's Stats Tiers will go accordingly to the person it manifests as. Otherwise non-person manifestations will have the default Stats Tiers of Prime. (-50% on endurance and same value can be added and distributed on any stats)

The Tatari  Fotor040

The Tatari  Latest?cb=20091206043718
The Prime (Before Tatari)

Before the Tatari came to be, there was once a man who’s genius was unparallel who aimed to discover the root behind being, who wishes for nothing more than greatness, a brilliant scholar among his peers. His name was ---------.   As a member of the ------ family,  ----- followed his family’s aim to contributing to humanity’s growth and enforced the Laplace Demon’s principle, turning the said theory into a method of prediction. In order for one to actually succeed making an accurate prediction of the future, one must have a powerful cognitive process to which they can easily calculate possible results and outcomes and weigh the terms of cause of effect. However, the practice was said to have died down due to a discovery that proved to be devastating even for him and his fellow practitioners. They can’t be wrong about their predictions and usually the results were accurate, given that they have predicted the great fire of London or the number of victims Jack the Ripper would claim in about a year. Heaven forbid them to be correct because…

They managed to predict a bleak future of humanity.

Motivated by their own fear, ----- and his group isolated themselves from society, formulating a number of ways, simulating scenarios and scaled thousands of variables, in hopes to find an alternative future to which the world would not end and that humanity would thrive as a dominant species. However no matter what variables they tried to add into their calculations, the results never change as the world they know would end at that point in time. 

All the practitioners of the Laplace Principle was driven to madness, becoming serial killers, made patients of an asylum and suffered psychological shock, thus the study and teachings of ----- died down and it was decided that humanity is not ready to learn the secrets of the Laplace principle because they wish to protect them from the truth; however it was pointless as it eventually happened. The first few cornerstones to the world’s end have already begun.

------ was the most devastated of them all but didn’t break down much like his students and followers, rather he covered all methods of predicting the future and that such knowledge should be lost and disappear with them…. Forever. However ---- was the only one who did not give up as he struggled to find a solution but there was only one obstacle that prevents him from doing so and that was the imminent death he must face as a human. He cannot die; he cannot rest not until he finds an alternative in order to save the world and the human race from destruction. During the 10th cornerstone towards the destruction of humanity,  ------  became a vampire, bitten by another vampire who shared the same view as he did.  However the vampire who had bitten him had died, slain by a demon. Of course he had no intention of taking revenge for the fallen vampire as his research was more important than avenging the life of the vampire that granted him immortality. At one point in time, under the crimson moon, he came in contact with an oracle who predicted -----‘s fate, to which he, ------- --------- ------- would become the 13th cornerstone that would lead to the ultimate destruction of the human race, filled with denial and anger, ------ killed the oracle where she sat and drank all her blood.

However something strange happened, for little does he know, the Oracle was one of the last descendants that followed the will of the Greek Goddess, Pheme.  To reveal the truth, to become the rumor that spreads like a disease, to become malignant information…

Concepts and rules written in ----‘s head, drove him to a deeper fit of madness, a truth that cannot be denied and a future set in stone, a beginning with an end predestined. It was a nightmare that he ----- will never wake up again. His body slowly turned to ashes, his form, his being dematerialized into an abstract concept, he became the phenomenon and the 13th cornerstone towards the end of the world. Formless, with no body, something that no longer has shape… cursed to wear and take on the form of humanity’s rumors and became known as the phenomenon known by many vampires today as… the Tatari.

However the concept of ------ isn't completely lost for that upon nights where the crimson moon would surface, he would return to his own form and should one eliminate him... they will bear the curse of Tatari as the defeated King of Lies will no longer exist as themselves but a submerged mass of information with no control over the sea... of Malignant Information.

The Tatari  C0067651_16395634
Tatari: The Living Phenomenon
As the Tatari, he was a great oddity amongst vampires and is highly mistaken as a demon. In fact despite having no physical body of its own, Tatari can materialize and guise himself accordingly to the rumors whose sole function is to eliminate all those who knew of the rumor and the one who started it, whether human, demon or even vampire. Tatari was only classified as a vampire due to this principle as draining blood from other beings is a must for a vampire.

Tatari is a vampire of its own right and at the same time it isn’t for that even if the Prime were to be lost and killed, Tatari will continue on as a global curse and will continue to exist as long as there are intellectual beings discussing about rumors, lies, stories, fairytales, etc, its become a mission for the Tatari to materialize those rumors into a personified being that represents it. However there has been a prediction about the 66th cornerstone that would lead to humanity’s destruction.

“Should the Tatari have no Prime… it will spread out violently towards several populated regions across the globe to which it shall destroy and damage the social perspective of “Communication” meaning there will be total distrust towards one another, misunderstandings and poorly perceived language, creating the start of complete and utter chaos. Hence there must always be… a Prime.”

~The First Prime

Face Claim: Zepia Eltnam Oberon --- Melty Blood

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The Tatari  Empty Re: The Tatari

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:04 pm

One issue that i am having is the same one i said in chat, you HAVE to have a physical appearance. One more similar to human. Having a force coming to and from 'prime's' is fine, but you have to identify the current prime as your character. 
Second issue is that by no means can you be unbeatable, saying you can only be beaten under the blood moon ca't happen. That would en issue saying you're literally powerless during the blood moon and it doesn't happen often enough for it too mean anything. 
Third is you can't just be the dreams and figments of people or their fears. You could be a Vampire who has people tend to think this about them, having always caused destruction or somefin, but you have to be something tangible. You can't just only exist because of rumors or memory. It has to be a tangible being that has flaws like everyone else.


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Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:44 pm

I like to point out anyone can defeat the Tatari and destroy all the manifestations it can create but this way it prevents my character from being killed to which I wish not to happen. Which is why that only under the crimson moon (Where he was first cursed). I don't mind losing but I do mind somebody decided my character to die off. 

I added a physical appearance (Which is an added rule to the Living Phenomena now) to which it would answer the correlations of you wanting it to be something more tangible.


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The Tatari  Empty Re: The Tatari

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:48 pm

Could you change special characteristics to match? Also the part about him taking the form of any rumors or malignant information, could that possibly just be an ability of your weapon? It can be shape shifting or an illusion. i don't entirely care. XD

Thank you for being easy to work with and understanding. :3


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Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:56 pm

Suggestion accepted.


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The Tatari  Empty Re: The Tatari

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:31 pm

I hadn't said anything as I didn't know if you were going for a noble or not. Seeing how your stats add up to 30, i'm assuming Common. 
Under the conditions said in chat, 
Accepted Tatari, I apologize for the wait~
Welcome to Seraph of the end RP~


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The Tatari  Empty Re: The Tatari

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