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Post by «Cardinal System» on Tue May 24, 2016 6:59 pm

Current Monster in Game

  • Dire Wolves

Monster Roll 270?cb=20140308115118
Dire Wolves take the appearance of a snarling, bi-colored wolf with glaring red eyes. Its legs, face, tip of the tail, and the insides of its ears have white fur, while its back and stomach are dark brown.

A Dire wolf has 5% hit points being a low level monsters. Capable of 10% damage with it's sharp claws and teeth. A dire wolf is often not alone when encountered.

Defeating a Dire wolf will reward the play with 40 yrd.
Taming Rate:
Taming a Dire wolf only takes a 30% Tame rate making them fairly easy to catch when encountered by a pack.

The dire wolf tame rate drops by 5% each topic is was not feed in.

  • Frenzy Boar

Monster Roll 270?cb=20140308105617
The Frenzy Boar appears to be a medium-sized monster with a total length of one hundred and twenty centimeters with blue fur, glowing red eyes, a flat snout and sharp tusks protruding from either side of its mouth. In contrast to its bulky size, the Frenzy Boar is capable of moving fast as it charges towards its opponents.

A Frenzy Boar has 5% hit points being a low level monsters, if hit in it's weak spot in the back of it's head it can be killed in one shot. Capable of 10% damage with it's sharp tusk.

Defeating a Frenzy Boar will reward the play with 30 yrd.
Taming Rate:
Taming a Frenzy Boar only takes a 15% Tame rate making them fairly easy to catch.

Frenzy Boar tame rate drops by 2% per topic it wasn't feed in.

  • Killer Mantis

Monster Roll 270?cb=20140311034228
The Killer Mantises are green mantises that are slightly larger in size than an average human. These creatures have 4 arachnid legs that they use to support themselves, as well as 2 more scythe-like limbs protruding out of the side of their chests that they use for attacking. One of these limbs is green while the other looks like an actual metal scythe. These monsters also have large red eyes that look sideways, small but sharp triangle teeth and a blue tongue.

A Killer Mantis has 50% hit points being a Medium level monsters. Capable of 30% damage with it's sharp limbs. A killer Mantis is best to take on with a group.

Defeating a Killer Mantis will reward the play with 300 yrd.
Taming Rate:
Taming a Killer Mantis only takes a 75% Tame rate.

The Killer Mantis tame rate drops by 25% each topic it was not feed in.
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