Half Demons and Demons

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Half Demons and Demons Empty Half Demons and Demons

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:53 am

Demons are the source of magical powers. They used to be vampires, who were later turned into demons under certain circumstances. Demons are creatures born from passionate desire, so they appear at the age when they were most innocent and pure, when they felt that everything was possible.One may be born with the trait inherited from a demon-possessed parent and gradually become a true demon. In this case, the transformation is enhanced at puberty until the person changes completely. One may also become a demon after contact with a demon.Another method is to infect a person with a demon.

Sealing Demons must be done with at least Tier four spell craft and an item. It will take 500 words for this to be done. Soon after the new cursed gear can be assigned to a person.

Humans who become Demons are known as half Demons, most of the time only their eyes and personality changes. On our site their stats and tiers will switch from Human to Demon for a brief period of time. Our only current half demon must be created through the method of infecting someone with a demon. Every five post he/she is also required to fight through the personalities having on over take the other or switching from one to another.

Humans can become full demons by being possessed by their demons. This is caused by failing the contract and allowing their demon to take over. Or by losing control of their demon while using a curse gear. When this happens the person will take on the demons form and the demon personality will take over killing all who cross his/her path.

Vampires becoming demons by not feeding become mindless monsters killing vampires and humans. Vampire stats will change from Vampire to Demon. Vampires turned to demons can be sealed into curse weapons.
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