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Second Shibuya High School Empty Second Shibuya High School

Post by «Cardinal System» on Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:36 pm

Once you have made your character you will be enrolled into the Second Shibuya High School where you will take your first steps into our role play. Here you will learn the basics of the Serpah of the End if you have not seen the anime or Manga. It will also help us start to build our relationships and role play.

The Courses

Class 1: The Races
In this class you will learn about the races such as Humans, Vampires, and Demons.
Reward: 1 Exp

Class 2: The Gear
Next your will learn about the types of gear humans use to fight vampires.
Reward 1 Exp.

Class 3: The Japenese imperial Demon Army
Here you will learn the fundemtals of your furture job.
Reward:1 Exp

Free Time: Make friend
You must make a topic with on other student to make a friend
Reward:1 Exp

Class 4:Combant
In this class you will be tested on your skills in Combant
Reward:2 Exp

Class 5: The Four Hoursemen of John
Next you will learn about the four hoursemen of John
Reward:1 Exp

Lunch Time
Here you will complete a soical thread with at least 1 or more person(s) about having Lunch
Reward: 1 Exp

Class 6: Gear Part two
Here you will find out what type of gear you will be using
Reward: 2 Exp

The Test: The unarmed Vampire
Lastly you will encounter an attack of an unarmed vampire being NPC. Defeat or kill the common Vampire
Reward:2 Exp.

Total of Exp recived from this Arc is 12. You will only be required 10 Exp to move on to the army meaning all these are not required.
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