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Post by «Cardinal System» on Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:29 am

Keep in mind this is an PG 13 Rated Role Playing forum. This does not mean, throw porn and crap all over the place. That means some topics will have suggestive material and in the chat box cursing is as common as oxygen.

We have a no troll policy and do not tolerate continuous arguing whether it be with staff or other members. Everyone is different in their on ways, may it be race, sexual preference, height, weight, etc. We ask that these difference be respected, because everyone has something they are uncomfortable about. If a staff member ask you to do something and it is within reason and has proper logic behind it, you will be expected to carry out this task. Not to the point of doing ones work, but if they ask you to take your "exchange of words" to PM's or make an edit, you will be expected to do so. If you respect us, we will also respect you.

This is not saying no cursing, but when used in unnecessary excessive amounts, you will be asked to stop and refusing or ignoring will result in a moderator or administrator taking action. This sites primary language is English and you are required to role play and chat in such. We ask that you also check grammar and spelling before you post, though it is not mandatory, it is appreciated, so members can decipher what you are saying, so RP can proceed smoothly. Racial slurs are used (ie: nigga), but when applied to purposely offend, the user is in the wrong and will be handled.

Yes, staff members signed up for the position, but take note they do have lives of their own and other things to deal with. Do not bomb them with apps as they enter the chat box, do not constantly bug them with your complaints in the chat box, do not constantly PM them about the same thing over and over, do give them an appropriate amount of time to grade your apps. They are humans and have to sleep, eat, some work, go to school, but the point is to take into consideration the staff team is not composed of robots.

Content and Outside Links
The content found posted by members belongs to the respective member. Nobody appreciates their work being stolen, whether it be being brought from another site or vice versa. No links or images of nudity, gore, or anything of the sort, may be hosted or posted on this site. A variety of ages enjoy role playing, though this is an PG 13-Rated site, so harsh punishments will be enforced upon those who violate this rule.

No Rules
This is not saying disregard the rules, this rule is giving the staff the right to create any rules not listed or modify preexisting ones.

By registering on this site, you are expected to know and follow these rules. If you fail to follow them, the staff has the right to take appropriate action, may it be kick or ban. The Administrators also reserve the right to kick or ban anyone they deem as harmful to the site or its progression.
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