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Mikajia Fotor036

Name: Mikajia
Nickname: Mika, Malachai
Age: 24
Birth Date: March 24th
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire Noble
Special Characteristics: None.

Mikajia Fotor037

Personality: Mikajia is a paradox in a way. Most of the time, he is seen as an exceedingly docile person, but beneath his calm and collected persona, Mikajia is easily one of the most ruthless and cut-throat Vampires around. He is very intelligent, and greatly enjoys having intelligent conversation with others. In a way, you could almost say that Mikajia has a split personality, except that he doesn't. He merely can put on one hell of a facade. He can be seen as honorable and noble, even towards humans, but still won't hesitate to kill one for their blood. 

Mikajia lives by his own set of intricate and complex rules, and can often come across as odd or weird to the other vamps because of them. Many could describe him as fickle, easily capable of manipulation, and deception. It's nearly impossible to tell what he's thinking most of the time, and even then, it's very likely that you can only tell what he's thinking because he wants you to.

He is slow to trust, if ever. He may tell you that he trusts you, and may even appear to, but there is still a very high likelihood that he could turn on you instantly if it suits him. In the event that he truly does trust someone, he will protect them and stay loyal to them even to his dying breath.

Likes: Intelligence - Mikajia is very intelligent, and so, admires intelligence in others. He likes to have debates with people, and especially likes winning them. But will still appreciate losing, so long as he feels he held his stance.

Fighting - If there is one thing in the whole world that Mikajia loves most of all, it's fighting. The thrill of pitting his skills against another is nearly intoxicating. He is always sparring and fighting to improve his skills. It is one of the times that he can truly appear happy.

Hunting - It's a primal instinct that every living creature possesses. But Mikajia feels the pull a little too strongly at times. He doesn't particularly like having his food simply brought to him, and much prefers the thrill of a chase any day.

Dislikes: Politics - The prattling of the Progenitors is boring and dry to say the least. Not to mention they seem to lose view of the true goal far too often. It's why he plans on changing things himself one day.

Humans - They were the sole reason for his world ending. He hates the lot of them.

Blood suckers - He's a vampire, yes, but he detests those of his kind that live for nothing more than blood. Blood is delicious, yes, and they need it to survive, yes, but at least show some decency, jeez.

Fears: Being a victim - It happened to him once before. It will never happen again.

Getting close to someone - This is a fear he doesn't even realize himself, that he has. And it's one that he will need to overcome.

Motivations: Mikajia possesses two primary motivations which play hand-in-hand. The first is revenge, the second is to gain power. To achieve the first, he needs the second. His human life ended beyond tragically, and at the hands of none other than his own kind. Because of this, he loathes humans, and wishes for nothing less than the total, and complete annihilation of them.

Mikajia Fotor038

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 185 lbs.

General Appearance: Mikajia is fairly tall, standing a little over six feet, and very well built. He's extremely athletic and agile. He will almost always be seen in all black from head to toe, and his attire will typically always be made of a tough material, so as to not wear out too quickly. Many vamps think him far too casual in his wardrobe choice, especially being a noble, but, quite frankly, he couldn't give a rat's ass what they think of him.

He has mid length light black hair that never really seems to be out of place. It can almost appear to be a light blue at times, but is definitely black. Piercing intelligent eyes, and will almost always have a small cocky grin on his face. He never falters in any movement, always appearing sure and confident.

Mikajia Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbIBKIe845JUWn2RXw_qZCUjYF6fS5po9AsYGKfzeZhwskIIAI2Q

Mikajia Fotor039

Stats Tiers

Tier 6

Speed: 47
Stamina: 47
Strength: 47
Reaction: 47
Perception: 47 
Accuracy: 47
Endurance: 47 
Mikajia Fotor040
History: Mikajia was born into a middle class family in the U.S. His mother and father were easily his favorite people in the world; he loved them with all his heart and would do anything for them. They were loving parents, and did their best to raise him right, teaching him the values and the value of living honestly. They tought him many things, and showed him the wonders that life could offer. They weren't wealthy by any means, but Mikajia honestly didn't care. The love and care that his parents showed him, made him feel like the wealthiest person alive.

They lived for many years in what was called the midwest, leading an average life in societies eyes, holding midclass careers, and owned a decent sized house. It wasn't grand or luxurious, but to Mikajia, he couldn't think of anything better. Everything changed though, when he turned fifteen and his mother was offered a job overseas in Japan.

At first, things seemed to be going really well. The job his mother had gave her twice the income she'd had previously; also, his father was lucky enough to land a decent job in Japan. What's more, Mikajia himself was even able to find a little part time job while still attending school. He was able to make a few good friends, and he was actually feeling better than ever before.

However, for the first time in his life, he would get a glimpse of exaclty how dark and cruel life could be, especially to the good and kind hearted. He would learn that very few people in life could be trusted, and almost everyone around you was looking to use you in some way. This revelation came when the guys he believed to be his best friends ended his world in one night. Mikajia never thought he'd ever have to experience the kind of cruety his "Friends" showed he and his family that night. That he was have to experience first hand what it was like to watch as his parents were brutally murdered before him, but only after being put through even more heinous treatment. And of course he wasn't spared any of that treatment himself.

Part of him honestly thought that he was simply caught in some disgusting perverted and terrifying nightmare. He kept asking himself how something like this was happening to him. How people he believed to be his best friends could do something so horrifying, degrading, and foul to him. When the group was done; his parents laying bloodied and dead in front of him; he himself beaten, battered, and abused; they left him to die, against his wishes. He begged as much as he could, for them to just end it, and to put him out of his misery, but the boys simply laughed and told him to die like the dog he was.

But he didn't die. Mikajia simply layed there, beaten, and broken. His mind swallowed by torment and pain. But slowly, over time as he recovered, the pain and torment turned into something else. A deep and burning wrath began to grow within him. He was almost eighteen by the time the event happened, and afterwards, due to the inheritance money, he hadn't needed to worry about being shipped into foster care. He simply moved himself out of town, and began the process for his revenge. Putting himself through martial arts class after martial arts class; learned a variety of weapons skills, and quickly progressed through all of his classes. By the time he turned twenty, he could easily be classified as a lethal weapon.

When Mikajia believed himself capable enough, he quietly made his way back to the town he'd escaped from, did some reconnaissance and found his targets. That very night, he made his way to the house they were partying in, and massacred every last person there. His revenge was only momentarily sated though, he had always known that killing them wouldn't really change anything, but he didn't care. By this point in his life, it wasn't just about killing the fools that had turned his life upside down, he wanted more; he was beginning to develop a hatred for all of humanity. And this was when his life took the next big turn, when he ran into the one who changed him.

It was that night, after killing everyone at the manor. He'd managed to escape with only a couple wounds, but those wounds were still severe. However, he knew that so long as he could make it to a hospital in time, he would be fine, but he would never make it to that hospital. As he was stumbling out to his car, that's when he ran into the man. He had asked Mikajia what it had been like, to slaughter so many of his kind. Mikajia had chuckled, his vision beginning to swim from the blood loss, then told him he no longer considered himself to be human, that he could never associate with such vile creatures, so it had been easy and fun to kill them all.

This answer amused the man greatly. And that's when the offer had been given. The offer to become something much greater, much more, than a simple weak human. He had agreed easily of course, almost greedily accepting the offer. There had been something mysterious about the man, something small and almost unnotisable, but potent enough to leave no doubt in Mikajia's mind that the man spoke the truth; that he could make him into something more, better than a human.

It's now been five years since that night, since Mikajia's world had been altered once more. He had quickly accepted the man's offer to become something more, and within no time, had been taken back to the man's manor, told the deal, and within the next few days undergone the transformation to become a Vampire. One year after his transformation, the world would learn of the existence of Vampires, and also face staggering losses to it's population; all the while since then, learning what it was like to be the victim to nightmarish creatures. Mikajia had reveled in the fear in the human's faces, hungrily drinking in the terror and grief seeping from the vermin.

Since the world's Armageddon experience, Mikajia has been spending his time climbing the Vampire ranks, and doing all he can to gain more power so he can finally exact the revenge he so desires. That being nothing less than complete eradication of every last human being.

Face Claim: Noctis - Final Fantasy

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